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Shaul Bergerson, , Bergerson & Co., Law Offices & Notary

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The Firm specializes in civil-commercial law, providing uncompromising professional and personal service. The Firm's areas of expertise are many and varied, enabling a full response to its clients, all with particular attention, original thinking, and using the accumulated skills, knowledge, and experience of the Firm's lawyers in the various legal fields. The Firm has in-depth knowledge of insolvency law and can represent all parties involved in these proceedings.


Shaul Bergerson

 Hanan Shanon

Irit Elkin

Galit Rozovsky

Nir Braunstein

 Lital Gantz

Keren Bergerson-Ram

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Shimon Shamia

The Firm has the requisite expertise in all matters related to insolvency law, creditors’ arrangements and liquidations. The Advocates of the Insolvency Department serve as representatives of the courts and act as receivers, trustees and special managers, for various and varied cases. The Firm has been involved in several precedent-setting judgments. Following is a list of some cases and matters dealt with by the Firm in recent years in this field:
Ortam Sahar and Malibu Real Estate – a group of construction and entrepreneurial companies, with shares traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange, found themselves in difficulties because of more than NIS 1 billion in debts. Adv. Bergerson and CPA Izhar Kanne were appointed trustees for the group of companies. The companies were involved in the construction of some 5,000 housing units in various projects throughout the country. The trustees ran the companies for several months during which time they completed the construction of some 1,000 housing units. The trustees designed a creditors’ arrangement for the companies, according to which the companies were sold to new purchasers, who were committed to operate and continue construction of some projects and to provide inspection services for completed projects.
Sasson Levy Ltd. – receivership and liquidation proceedings for a group of construction companies in Jerusalem, with the main project being a residential and offices project on Jaffa Street. Adv. Bergerson, along with the liquidators and the receiver sold the project’s land for NIS 173 million.
N.I.L.I. Real Estate – After extended legal proceedings in various court settings, Adv. Bergerson, as receiver, succeeded in his role to advance the sale of the company’s real estate for NIS 235 million.
Cost 365 (in liquidation) – Cost is a chain of supermarkets established by Hamashbir Le’Zarchan. The District Court appointed Attorneys Bergerson and Insel as liquidators of the company. As part of the liquidation, the joint liquidators sold the company’s branches for millions of Shekels.
Burgeranch Mercaz (1983) Ltd. – The company, which operated a chain of 80 fast food branches throughout Israel and employed 1,200 employees, found itself in difficulties and could not continue to operate as a going concern. Adv. Bergerson was appointed receiver along with other receivers and liquidators, and operated the chain for several months, until selling the chain as a going concern.
Transactions for the Purchase and Sale of Real Estate and Businesses Related to Insolvency Proceedings
The expertise of the Firm, led by Adv. Bergerson in insolvency and real estate lawsuits affords the Firm knowledge and experience in counseling and handling complex purchase and sale transactions related to companies in recovery, liquidation, and receivership, especially in complex real estate transactions. Thus, for example of the many transactions, one can point to a transaction involving Tel Aviv’s Dizengoff-Frishman compound. There, the Firm formulated a transaction whereby developers purchased the land in a complex transaction from a company in insolvency, and built a residential building that was later sold and populated.
Real Estate Planning and Construction, Evacuation – Construction
The Firm’s Real Estate Department provides all legal services required in the real estate field, all the while stressing the highest standards of service and professionalism and a close personal relationship with clients.
Real Estate Transactions, Urban Renewal, and Evacuation – Construction – The Firm’s Real Estate Department provides comprehensive professional attention for all types of real estate transactions, such as sale transactions, combination, transfer transactions, evacuation- construction transactions, etc. The legal care begins with the project initiation, onward to its completion, and includes contacts with builders, financiers, and project marketers, covering all areas required for the execution and realization of a real estate transaction, including planning and construction, negotiations with the planning authorities, construction contracts and more. The Real Estate Department places particular emphasis on real estate transactions related to urban renewal, such as evacuation- construction, and TAMA 38.
Legal Proceedings Relating to Real Estate – The Firm is involved in litigation and legal proceedings relating to real estate in various judicial instances, dealing with eviction claims, claims for the liquidation of associations, and planning and construction proceedings. In this framework, the Firm appears before local councils, appeal committees, district committees, administrative courts, and the Israel Land Authority. The Firm represents real estate- substantial entities such as Clalit Health Maintenance Organization, and other major business entities and individuals.
Legal Counsel and Real Estate Betterment – The Firm handles real estate management and betterment and monitors the betterment process with the various planning committees. Development and betterment of real estate and construction, from the planning stage, through the local and regional committees, to contracting with contractors, arranging the necessary financing, and building and selling the project.
It should be noted that Adv. Galit Rozovsky serves as manager of northern Tel Aviv’s “Ha’gush Ha’Gadol” compound.

The Firm provides litigation services in most areas of civil-commercial and administrative law, specializing in insolvency, real estate, planning and construction, tenders law, class actions, corporations and more. The Firm also specializes in and deals with complex claims for the dissolution of real estate associations, and many eviction notices against protected tenants and against squatters who illegally sit on the land.
Legal Representation on Real Estate Issues – claims for the liquidation of real estate associations, evacuation claims, planning and construction proceedings, representation before local committees, appeals committees, district committees, administrative courts, proceedings with the Israel Land Authority.
Legal Representation and Various Civil Procedures, Including Class Actions – The Firm handles many commercial- civil suits and has over time represented many defendants and plaintiffs in class action suits.
Legal Representation and Tenders – In the field of tenders, the Firm provides legal counsel to tenders committees of large entities. The legal support includes tender writing, advice to tender committees and to the professional bodies, handling purchase tenders, real estate infrastructures, etc. legal proceedings both as representative of the tender offeror and as representative of tender participants, defending decisions made by the tender committees, administrative petitions on tenders, administrative claims, and more.

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