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Anat Matskapeli, Adv., Ben Karpel Law Office

Anat Matskapeli


Adam Karpel, Partner, Ben Karpel Law Office

Adam Karpel


Ben Karpel, Founder Owner and Manager, Ben Karpel Law Office

Ben Karpel

Founder Owner and Manager

About Ben Karpel Law Office

The Ben Karpel Law Office is one of Israel's leading boutique law firms in defamation and protection of privacy issues. The Firm provides comprehensive legal services in cases of domestic slander, defamation at work, defamation in administrative actions, and the removal of private content libelous and abusive content from websites, claims against publications in social media, publications in the press, internet sites and other electronic venues. Attorney Ben Karpel serves as Chairman of the Israel Bar Association's Haifa District Defamation Commission and is also a Member of the Israel Bar Association's National Defamation Committee. Building upon its multidisciplinary experience, litigation strengths, and the dedicated personal attention afforded each client, the Firm has flourished and today manages a significant share of defamation and privacy protection issues in Israel.

Representing Plaintiffs and Defendants
The Firm represents corporations, non-profit organizations and other entities (including their employees and managers), senior public figures including members of the Israel Knesset, Council Heads and Committee Heads, journalists, prominent media personalities and others – both as prosecutors and as defendants. In each case, the Firm understands that the client’s life has been undermined because of defamation or in the wake of false accusations with financial and criminal consequences, which have damaged the client’s good reputation or loss of control over his public identity.
The Firm’s extensive experience in counseling and representation in the field enables it to advise each client on the options available, including the odds and risks, and to chart attainable and practical legal objectives.

Investigating the Defamation Law Field
The Firm which is actively investigating the field of defamation, has recently conducted and published one of the most extensive empirical studies ever undertaken, which reviews and amalgamates all judgments in the field, enabling the reader to identify and summarize key trends in defamation cases before the Israeli courts. The study provides clients and professional colleagues with the tools to make informed decisions on how to act and respond to libel cases.

Appling the Legal Strategy, Without Compromise
The Firm provides comprehensive services that exhaust the full range of legal moves available to the client, as part of the chosen legal strategy, including out-of-court negotiation, inter-corporate correspondence, claims filings, client representation before all judicial instances, petitions to the Supreme Court and the National Labor Court. After devising the legal strategy, The Firm applies it uncompromisingly, with full transparency with the client.

Multidisciplinary Expertise
Lawyers in the field of defamation and privacy protection operate in diverse and dynamic technological and legal venues. Extensive multidisciplinary understanding is often required to get to the root cause, to uncover evidence and to properly apply the full range of legal tools available to the client. The Firm has three expertise cores that allow it to assist clients efficiently and quickly and to achieve success.
Legal Core: The Firm has in-depth expertise in all legal aspects of defamation and privacy protection, including constant updating on all judicial rulings and legislative innovations in this dynamic area, and an understanding of international law and the relevant laws of the countries where the companies operating are incorporated. In addition, the Firm has thorough knowledge of the legal procedures at all judicial instances and tangential legal areas, including computer law, family law, administrative law and labor law. Occasionally there is a need to consider the issue at hand within these legal fields before “cracking” the case into its broad-based defamation core.
Technological Core: The Firm has sophisticated technological capabilities including full control of the secrets of the Internet and social networking, including understanding the dynamics of content and the evidence and signature traces that network activity leaves behind. Libel cases and privacy violations are often done anonymously, requiring sophistication.
Organizational Core: The Firm has the knowledge and experience of working with the various departments of the tech giants and their current policies and with Israeli entities providing tech and content services. This familiarity is critical when promptly responding to privacy and defamation issues, because in cases of wrongdoing under the tech framework, it is easy to divert responsibility from one body to another, and a focused, well-directed response is required to hit the target.
The combination of the Firm’s three core areas of expertise has propelled it to exceptional achievements in the Israeli legal landscape, including disclosure of data and details by multinational corporations, full cleansing of the reputation and public identity of countless clients, receiving significant financial compensation, and the trust and gratitude of clients, who are an essential pillar of the Firm’s success and reputation.

Expertise in Litigation
Defamation claims often reach the courts. The Firm’s thorough preparation work, combined with Attorney Karpel’s impressive litigation experience and capabilities, leads to the client’s arguments being heard in court optimally, clearly and thoroughly, with appropriate evidentiary support, thorough witness investigation, and a well-delivered response to counterclaims. The sharp and detailed presentation of each case allows justice to be rendered with the best results for the Firm’s clients.

Contributing to the Community
Attorney Ben Karpel, the Firm’s Founding Partner, has been active since his youth in the field of animal and pet life. He is currently a qualified judge in the field of dog training and has a background in veterinary studies. His extensive knowledge in the area has allowed him to be active in animal law, a specialty which is usually conducted far from the public eye. Attorney Ben Karpel is responsible for many significant judgments rendered in the field and has come out to assist in material cases where animal law interfaces with his main fields of defamation law and privacy protection.

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