Gav-Yam, Bayside Land Corporation Ltd.

Promotion, planning, development, construction, leasing, maintenance and management of hi-tech and industrial parks, office buildings, commercial areas, storage structures and parking lots, nationwide.


Founding Year 1928
Address 9 Andrei Sakharov St., Matam Towers 1, Matam Park Haifa, P.O.B 15041, Haifa 31905 - View Map
Phone 972-4-6644200
Fax 972-4-8533567
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Alejandro Elsztain, Vice Chairman of the Board Of Property & Bulding Group Board Chair of Gav-Yam Bayside Land Corporation Ltd, Gav-Yam, Bayside Land Corporation Ltd.

Alejandro Elsztain

Vice Chairman of the Board Of Property & Bulding Group Board Chair of Gav-Yam Bayside Land Corporation Ltd

Segi Eitan, CEO Of Property & Building Group Board Deputy Chair for Gav-Yam Bayside Land Corporation, Gav-Yam, Bayside Land Corporation Ltd.

Segi Eitan

CEO Of Property & Building Group Board Deputy Chair for Gav-Yam Bayside Land Corporation

Avi Jacobovitz, Chief Executive Officer, Gav-Yam, Bayside Land Corporation Ltd.

Avi Jacobovitz

Chief Executive Officer


Gav-Yam, Bayside Land Corporation Ltd., is part of the Properties & Building Ltd. Group, which in turn is part of the IDB Group, and is one of the largest and most senior real estate companies in Israel. Gav-Yam is active in the rental of income generating properties, the promotion, planning, development, construction, rental maintenance and management of hi-tech and industrial parks, office buildings, commercial areas, logistics centers and parking lots, nationwide.

Other Senior Executives
Mark Zack
Chief Financial Officer

Itai Reshef
Vice President – Marketing

Gideon Ackerstein
Vice President – Engineering

Yoav Russo
Vice President – Real Estate Properties

Shiri Weizmann
Legal Counsel and Corporate Secretary

Parent Company
Property & Building Ltd.

The Company was founded in 1928 and since 1978 its securities have been traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The Company’s debentures are rated AA by S & P Ma’alot.
At the end of 2017, the net income attributable to Company shareholders totaled NIS 355 million, the Company’s value as of December 31, 2017, totaled NIS 3.8 billion, and its shareholders’ equity totaled NIS 2.3 billion. The value of the Company’s properties held for investment purposes at the end of 2017 totaled NIS 6.4 billion, with a leverage rate of 45.7%.
Income-Generating Properties Sector – Gav-Yam is the leading company in the construction of buildings that are leased in advance for extended periods, as well as in the promotion and management of hi-tech, industrial and business parks. In addition, the Company, through a wholly owned subsidiary, provides various maintenance management services to tenants throughout the rental period. Gav-Yam owns hi-tech, logistic, industrial and office buildings, as well as parking lots covering an area of 892 thousand square meters. These buildings are, for the most part, located indemand areas, and the Company maintains land reserves of 468 thousand square meters. At the end of 2017, the Company has more than 440 tenants, and its occupancy rate is approximately 99%. In 2017, Company revenue from building rentals totaled NIS 445 million.
Special Construction Projects – Gav-Yam specializes in the construction of buildings designated for large tenants for extended rental periods. The designated building provides a total solution for the client and includes working with the tenant, from the stage of locating the land suited to its needs, through the definition of the program for the planning needs of the building, planning of the entire building and its construction in full cooperation with the tenant. Among the buildings erected by Gav-Yam – the Apple Campus in Herzliya Pituach; Microsoft Campus, Elbit Systems House, Phillips House, Zim-Ofer House – all located in Haifa’s Matam Park, IBM’s development center in Haifa; Microsoft’s development center in Herzliya; a logistics center for the Hadera Paper Group in Modi’in; the Carmel Container Plant in Caesarea and more.
HiTech, Business, Industrial and Logistics Parks – The Company focuses on the promotion, development, planning, construction, and management of hi-tech, commercial and industrial parks (including offices) for rent while providing a specific solution to the unique requirements of the leasing companies, such as suitability to various industries, including hi-tech industries, biotech industries, and others. The parks have various advantages, such as: central location, Class A buildings, high accessibility adjacent to main arteries and trains, complementary services for park residents (clinic, post office, transportation, catering, kindergartens, etc.); parks and green spaces; cooperation agreements with academic institutions, etc.

Among the Hi-Tech and Business Parks:
• Matam Park in Haifa – the largest hi-tech and business park in Israel, with a built-up area of 256 thousand square meters.
• Gav-Yam Park, in Herzliya – includes two parks: Gav-Yam Center Herzliya and Gav-Yam Herzliya North Park, with a total area of 250 thousand square meters, housing the Apple Campus as well as hi-tech companies, service companies, and commercial space.
• Gav-Yam Negev Park, in Be’er Sheva – in cooperation with the Ben-Gurion University of the Negev and the Be’er Sheva Municipality, close by the IDF’s new communication corps’ base, which is now under construction. The park has three buildings with a total built-up area of 48 thousand square meters. The Company is striving towards the construction of the park’s fourth building.
• Gav-Yam Park, in Rehovot – a biotech and hi-tech park in cooperation with the Weizmann Institute.
Among Gav-Yam’s tenants are leading Israeli and international companies such as Apple, Intel, Elbit Systems, Philips, Microsoft, Google, Yahoo, Amazon, IBM, CERT IL and more.
Projects Under Development in 2018 – Over 180 Thousand Square Meters!
• ToHa – a joint project, together with Amot, for the construction of the ToHa project in Tel Aviv, with a total area of 89 thousand square meters for marketing, of which 57 thousand square meters are above-ground. This is a unique project that will change the skyline of Tel Aviv and set a new standard for office towers in Israel.
• Gav-Yam Park, in Rehovot – the fourth building – covering 30 thousand square meters, of which 17 thousand square meters are above ground.
• Matam Park -the Matam Yam project – 12 thousand square meters above ground The project has been leased in its entirety by Amazon.
• Matam Park – the Matam Towers project – Stage 1 – planning and licensing of an office building with an area of 33 thousand square meters of which 25 thousand square meters are designated for offices.
• Gav-Yam Negev Park – the fourth building – covering 13 thousand square meters.
• Haifa Bay – Logistics Center – a new logistics park in Haifa Bay, adjacent to the new port. Planning and licensing for a new logistics center, with an area of 7 thousand square meters.
• Combination transaction in the Ra’anana Industrial Zone. The Company has agreed to a combination transaction with Shufersal Real Estate (69.5%/30.5%), for the construction of a project to include offices and commercial areas with a total construction area of 41 thousand square meters, and parking for 1,000 vehicles.
Major Companies Held by Gav-Yam
• MATAM – Haifa Science Industries Center Ltd. (50.1%) – owns the rights in Matam Park, as well as land reserves and other properties in Haifa.
• Gav-Negev Negev Ltd. (73.25%) – owns the rights in Be’er Sheva’s Gav-Yam Negev Park.

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