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Barone & Co. is a boutique law firm, with a proven professional reputation in fiscal taxation (income tax, value-added tax, real estate tax and customs), real estate transactions, economic offenses, money laundering, and complex commercial transactions.

Legal Team
Advocate Gilad Barone
Founding and Managing Partner

Advocate Haim Levy

Advocate Tal Cohen Barone

Advocate Yael Postelnicu

Advocate Smadar Shaki Gross

Advocate Orit Namdar Avni

Advocate Itzik Ofer

Advocate Assaf Nahmias

Advocate Florina Glazerovitch

Advocate Shani Rozen

Advocate Shirit Troiner

Advocate Naama Barone

Advocate Itai Shterling

Advocate Ella Ostrovsky

Advocate Maayan Mechanei

Advocate Gretshan Chai-Tov (CPA)

Advocate Avishag Mount Zion

Advocate Pini Sussman (CPA)

The Firm was founded by Advocate Gilad Barone, one of Israel’s leading experts in tax, financial transfers, and real estate transactions. The Firm combines its profound professional understanding and expertise, with an ability to handle complex and multifaceted cases.
The Firm provides solutions, ranging from working and representing clients before tax and governmental authorities, through litigation at the various judicial instances, and ongoing real estate consultancy.
Its in-house team of experts includes very senior advocates in their field of expertise, alongside a vibrant and professional support staff, who professionally manage complex cases having a structurally vast scope, after carrying out a very thorough background preparation work.
The team also includes accountants with extensive professional experience who have worked with the Israel Tax Authority in its income and real estate taxation professional practice departments. The Firm’s advocates also serve on various Israel Bar Association taxation committees. The Firm also has professional relationships with leading accounting firms, tax advisors, and legal colleagues, providing a broad range of consulting services.

Areas of Expertise
Real Estate Transactions – The Firm has a large and professional department that manages and handles diverse and complex real estate transactions, advising entrepreneurial companies and property owners alike. The Firm is a leader in evacuation-reconstruction and urban renewal projects with proven experience with many transactions in the field, on behalf of both entrepreneurial and rights-holders, in addition to its many years of expertise in combination transactions and cash transactions throughout the country.
The Firm provides guidance and response, from the initial phase of the rights examination, planning the transaction structure, management of the negotiation procedures, contracting agreements, bank and financing agreements, consultancy agreements, planning and licensing procedures, sales agreements and the registration of rights.
Taxation – The Firm specializes in a wide range of legal services in tax law, relating to the taxation of individuals, companies, registered associations, partnerships, non-profits, etc. All of said are provided in the fields of value-added tax, income tax, real estate tax, customs, international taxation, purchase tax, etc. The Firm’s services also include written professional opinions, advice, planning the tax aspects of transactions and business activities, working within and handling the administrative stages, as well as litigation at various judicial instances.
The Firm has extensive experience in working with the various tax authorities; the Money Laundering Authority, the Securities Authority, the Ministry of Justice, the investigative forums of the tax authorities, the State Prosecutor’s Office, the legal and professional departments of the Tax Authority and Israel Police. The Firm’s uniqueness lies in its ability to combine the criminal aspects relating to tax offenses, money laundering offenses, and the civil taxation aspects.
Real Estate Taxation – The Firm specializes in real estate tax consulting and assistance, thanks to its unique expertise gained by its team of advocates, many of whom are graduates of the various tax authorities. The Firm offers its services to asset owners, investors, entrepreneurs, buyers or sellers, to achieve the optimal result vis-à-vis the combined aspects of taxation in the maintenance and management of the real estate property and transactions relating to the realization or acquisition of real estate rights. The Firm’s services include consultancy and planning of the transaction plan as far as the tax aspects, and tax events are concerned. In addition, the provision of opinions, the terminology of the required agreements, the supervision and work with the tax authorities in the assessment and pre-assessment stages, and the support and representation at the various judicial instances.
Economic Offenses – White Collar (Tax, Bribery, Breach of Trust) – The Firm specializes in working on white-collar issues with extensive experience in managing many cases in these areas, including some of the largest and most complex cases in the field. The Firm offers an extraordinary worldview that combines the field of civil law with the field of capital market offenses and white-collar administrative issues, and its understanding that many economic offense cases also bear civilian, taxation, and assessment aspects.
The Firm handles some of the most significant cases managed in this field, from the pre-investigation stages, the conduct of the investigation and its subsequent stages, representation in hearing proceedings and representation in the various judicial instances in complex indictments. The Firm is prepared to handle such cases, which require special preparation and conduct in terms of analysis and multiple investigative materials, both with the authorities and court proceedings.
Money Laundering – The Firm specializes in anti-money laundering issues, in the criminal and civil aspects of the law’s provisions, through investigations and procedures conducted by the various authorities, including the Israel Police, the tax authorities, the Ministry of Justice, “Lahav,” “Yahalom” and other economic investigative units. The Firm works with individuals, entities, and institutions subject to reporting obligations under the law and represents them at the Anti-Money Laundering Authority, the Banking Supervisor, the Registrar of Currency Service Providers and more. The Firm is one of the most experienced offices in all aspects of property forfeitures and seizures under the Anti-Money Laundering Law.
Commercial Law – The Firm focuses on managing and representing diverse commercial transactions for companies and businesses in the fields of commercial and business law. The Firm’s services include working on the transaction, negotiations management, designing the structure of the transaction, drafting founding and partner agreements, managing sales and work agreements, joint venture agreements, and more.
Litigation – The Firm has extensive experience in handling hundreds of litigation cases at various judicial instances ranging from the Magistrate’s Court to the Supreme Court, including appeals committees under the Land Taxation Law, Arbitration and Mediation Committees in various fields.

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