Bank Otsar Hahayal Ltd.

Commercial Banking


Founding Year 1946
Address 11 Menahem Begin Road, Rogovin-Tidhar Tower, Ramat Gan 5268104 - View Map
Phone 03-7556000
Fax 03-7175364
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Yossi Levy, Board Chair, Bank Otsar Hahayal Ltd.

Yossi Levy

Board Chair

Kobi Malkin, Chief Executive Officer, Bank Otsar Hahayal Ltd.

Kobi Malkin

Chief Executive Officer


Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal, is part of the First International Bank of Israel Group, one of Israel's five largest banking groups. The Bank operates 46 branches and representative desks located throughout Israel, from Rosh Pina in the North to Eilat in the South, including several branches located at Israel Defense Forces bases. What distinguishes the Bank is that it is a retail bank that specializes in banking services for households while also being a commercial bank for small and mid-sized businesses. The Bank offers a wide range of services and financial products, including unique services and products for the business sector, such as factoring services, and financing services in cooperation with non-banking factors. Bank customers benefit from advanced banking services through a direct banking channel, which includes advanced smartphone apps, "Otsar on the Internet" and the "Otsar Direct" call center.

Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal was established in November 1946. Its objective at the time was to offer financial services to veterans of the security forces of the Jewish settlement upon their demobilization from the British Army. In 1970, Otsar Ha-Hayal was awarded a commercial banking license. The Bank, which in its early days mainly served the security forces, has grown steadily, and now focuses on financial services to households and small and mid-sized businesses.
Bank Otsar Ha-Hayal is part of the First International Bank of Israel Group, one of Israel’s five largest banking groups. Belonging to such a large banking group gives Otsar Ha-Hayal its strength and backing. First International Bank of Israel holds 100% of the ownership rights. The Bank’s deferred debt obligations are rated Aa3 by Midroog.

Customer Service – First
The Bank is committed to providing its customers with personal service according to their personal needs. Its experts and senior advisors at the branches provide financial advice and offer a range of convenient credit alternatives and comprehensive investment options, based on advanced trading platforms.

Employees of the Security Forces and Worker Organizations
The Bank considers the security forces the heart of its retail banking. In 2015, the Bank once again won a tender bid with the Ministry of Defense allowing it to offer exclusive benefits and terms to this group.
The Bank has a long-term agreement with “Hever Career Soldiers and Pensioners Ltd.,” under which it offers special account management terms to career service officers and veterans. In addition, the Bank offers special financing arrangements for worker organizations. The Bank also offers lectures and training courses on managing household budgets, which are available to customers of other banks.

Small and Mid-Sized Business Sector
Over the past few years, the Bank has been helping in funding, accompanying and developing the business operations of more than 12,000 small businesses in Israel. Business customers receive creative, fast-response, and professional banking solutions adapted to their needs by experienced and senior bankers authorized to make quick decisions.

The Bank’s Corporate Division Offers Customers the Following Services:
Specialized financing – factoring – The Bank has a professional and leading department that emphasizes small and mid-sized businesses.
Short- and long-term financing solutions for businesses, as well as funding for investment or growth.
Foreign trade activities.
Comprehensive business consulting (on credit and foreign trade).

The Bank is a leader in a variety of funding solutions for businesses through factoring, including factoring sales, reverse factoring, import funding and more. The Bank has a well-trained, highly skilled, and experienced factoring department.

Funds for Business Financing
As part of its activities, the Bank operates a small and mid-sized business assistance fund, guaranteed by the State of Israel, in partnership with the Meitav-Dash Provident and Pension Funds Group.

Unique Financial Products and Services
The financial products and services that Otsar Ha’Hayal offers its customers are diverse and include advanced banking products and services, such as factoring and business financial services, financial products for managing and balancing risks, long-term savings, as well as advice to improve the business skills of the Bank’s customers.
The Bank’s policy is based on personal attention, professionalism, favorable conditions and flexibility – in essence, reflecting the Bank’s objective to assist in the development of business activities of business customers.

The Bank in Numbers
The Bank has 740 highly trained employees who work either in direct customer service or at Bank headquarters. Some 60% of the Bank’s employees have an academic education, with an average age of 44.
In 2017, total assets amounted to NIS 21,273.6 million, while 2017 net profit totaled 70.9 million.

Commitment to the Community
Cooperation with the “Matan – Investors in the Community” Non-Profit Organization. Through its various branches throughout the country, Otsar Ha’Hayal sponsors and finances various social projects.
Adopting an artillery battalion as part of the “Adopt a Fighter” project. The adoption is expressed in a financial contribution, inviting soldiers of the battalion to Bank events, holding joint get-togethers, sports days, etc.
Employee activities in the proximity to each branch for the benefit of the community.

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