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Founding Year 1974
Address 96 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv 6789140 - View Map
Phone 03-5111111
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Guy Ne’eman., Senior Partner, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

Guy Ne’eman.

Senior Partner

Moshe Balter, Founding Partner, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

Moshe Balter

Founding Partner

Shlomo Steiner, Advocate – Managing Partner, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

Shlomo Steiner

Advocate – Managing Partner

Eyal Bar Eliezer, Advocate – Managing Partner, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

Eyal Bar Eliezer

Advocate – Managing Partner

Ehud Guth, Founding Partner, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

Ehud Guth

Founding Partner

Wasim Abu Hatum, Partner, Balter, Guth, Aloni & Co.

Wasim Abu Hatum



Balter Guth Aloni (BGA) was founded in 1974 by attorneys Moshe Balter and Ehud Guth. In 1991, the late Shaul Aloni, Supreme Court and District Court Judge, joined the firm. In 1994, the late Dr. Meir Rosenne, an internal law expert and one of the authors of the Camp David Peace Treaty between Israel and Egypt, joined the firm. In 2009, former judge Yishai Levitt, who was Vice President of the Tel Aviv District Court, joined the firm.

The firm, over its 50 years of existence, is one of the largest and leading law firms in Israel. The firm’s staff includes over 100 attorneys along with interns, management staff and consultants.

The firm’s activities in the Israeli arena – the firm has 5 branches nationwide, and accordingly has the Broadest national coverage among all the law firms in Israel.

The firm’s activities in the international arena
The firm is part of an international network of law firms, Member of the CONSULEGIS EEIG International Law Office Consortium, which consists of around 150 leading law firms around the world.

The Firm and its founding partners, which are active in the firm, have earned a prestigious status locally and internationally, of a legal leader, have been among the leaders of the legal activity in Israel for the past 50 years and have played a significant part in shaping the Israeli legal landscape alongside the firm’s extensive international operations.

Throughout the years, the firm specializes in all areas of commercial, corporate and economic law, and is regularly and consistently ranked as top tier in its various fields of activity by various rating agencies.

The firm’s staff includes the best legal professionals in Israel. A significant portion of the firm’s employees and partners are native English speakers, some qualified as active attorneys in both Israel and abroad, and some with financial accounting education and additional degrees.
The firm’s clients enjoy a unique combination of immediate and complete personal service, alongside professional legal service in international standards, from a business orientation and comprehensive vision enabling creative and innovative solutions.

Thanks to the firm’s size and spread in the country and around the world, the firm can provide its clients with the best services in all areas of law and commerce they require.

The firm specializes in all areas of commercial and business law, including: Commercial Litigation, Civil and Administrative Litigation, Corporates and Economic litigation, Tort litigation (huge claims in Israel and worldwide), domestic and international Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Securities and Capital Markets, Insolvency, High-Tech, Privacy Law, Mergers & Acquisitions, Planning and Zoning, Insurance, Real Estate, Class Actions, Urban Renewal, Municipal Authorities and Israel Lands Authority, Canon Law and Religious Orders, Hotels, Tourism and Aviation, Banking and Finance, Competition Law (Antitrust law), Tender Law, Cooperative Associations, Tax Law and Executives Remuneration, Labor Law, White Collar (corporate and securities law offenses, including before the Economic Court and/or the Securities and Exchange Commission), Infrastructure and Transportation, Pharma, regulatory etc.

The firm dedicates as an important value the contribution and commitment to the community. The lawyers from our firm volunteer for more than 15 years in various schools, including at the “Chabad Garden City” school in Jerusalem and at the “Roots” school in south Tel Aviv, as part of a project of the “Shi’a Shiur” (“A Different Lesson”) non-profit organization.

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