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Development and management of residential, commercial and office projects


Founding Year 1963
Address 7 Menachem Begin St., Ramat-Gan 5268102 - View Map
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Eyal Bezalel C.P.A., Chief Financial Officer, B.S.R. Group

Eyal Bezalel C.P.A.

Chief Financial Officer

Guy Peled, Chief Executive Officer, B.S.R. Group

Guy Peled

Chief Executive Officer

Avner paldi, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Marketing, B.S.R. Group

Avner paldi

Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Marketing

Engineer Benny Goldstein, Project Manager, B.S.R. Group

Engineer Benny Goldstein

Project Manager


The B.S.R. Group is an engineering group specializing in the management of real estate projects in Israel and abroad. For over 30 years, the Group has been managed by Nachshon Kivity, along with an experienced managerial team, and has, in that period, initiated and now leads the field of purchasing groups in Israel, in the form of self-construction known as the "B.S.R. Method." The Group enjoys a solid reputation, based on its ability to manage the design and construction of engineering projects, while strictly adhering to budgets and time schedules. Over time, the Group has initiated and developed thousands of residential units and hundreds of thousands of square meters of commercial and office space in Israel, the U.S., and Europe.



Group Activities in Israel
The Group has completed over 50 large and complex projects, including residential towers, office, and commercial buildings. The Group enjoys a solid reputation in initiating, organizing, and managing purchase groups, using the method known in the Israeli market as the “B.S.R. Method.” B.S.R. uses a team of skilled engineers and managers engaged in the management and supervision of projects, from the locating, analyzing, conceptualization, and engineering design stages, up to population.
Over time, the B.S.R. Method has helped thousands of loyal customers become partners in success, and owners of quality real estate properties that generate high yields.
Among B.S.R.’s successful projects are the Alon Towers through a 50% partnership with the Migdal and Harel insurance companies, B.S.R. 1, 2, 3 and 4 Towers in Ramat-Gan and B’nei Brak, Toyota Tower in Tel-Aviv, Gibor Sport Tower in Ramat-Gan, office buildings in Tel Aviv’s Ramat Ha’Hayal district, Manhattan Tower in Tel Aviv’s Tzameret Park, “B.S.R. b’Yavne Ha’Yeruka” with 270 residential units, “Migdalei Bronza”–in Tel Aviv’s Tzameret Park with 300 luxurious residential units in two towers of 29 floors each, Migdalei B.S.R. on Borochov Street in Givatayim with two residential towers offering 156 residential units, and residential towers in North Tel-Baruch, Azorei Hen, Hod Ha’Sharon, the Bavli and Neot Afeka districts and many other areas.

Major Projects in Progress

Suzuki Tower – 22,000 square meters of office and commercial space, and parking garages.
Rom Tower – a 49-story residential tower in Tel Aviv (the tallest building in Tzameret Park), along with a swimming pool, gym, and spa.
Icon Tower – at Ramat Gan’s diamond exchange complex, with 34,000 square meters of office and commercial space in a 28 story building.
NEXT TLV – on La Guardia Street in Tel Aviv – 275 residential units in a complex of 4 buildings (clearance and reconstruction project).
BSR CITY – a business complex with a total area of 200,000 square meters, which includes four office towers that rise to a height of 30 stories each, above commercial areas and parking garages.

Urban Renewal

B.S.R. is proud to expand its activities to the urban renewal field in large-scale clearance-reconstruction projects, with 2,000 residential units being developed, that will contribute to the transformation of the older neighborhoods of Tel Aviv and Gush Dan. At present, B.S.R. is working on its NEXT TLV project with 275 residential units on LaGuardia Street in Tel Aviv, which is expected to be populated by the end of 2020.
Contributing to the Community
The Company takes an active part in the “Adopt a Fighter” project, which has for the past ten years adopted the select “Egoz” military unit.

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