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Founding Year 1964
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Ron Avidan, Chief Executive Officer and Director, Azorim

Ron Avidan

Chief Executive Officer and Director

Hershey Friedman, Controlling Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors, Azorim

Hershey Friedman

Controlling Shareholder and Chairman of the Board of Directors

About Azorim

Azorim is one of Israel's largest and most stable companies in its sector. The company was founded in 1964, has real estate properties in Israel, and operates overseas through subsidiaries. Azorim's controlling shareholder is Mr. Hershey Friedman, an international business executive. The company's shares are publicly traded on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange. The company's more than 50 years of experience, along with its financial strength, have transformed it into one of the most prominent and extensively experienced companies in Israel's residential real estate field.

Other Senior Executives

Moshe Koren

Head of Business Development

Levi Shtrasler

Chief Financial Officer

Meir Simcha

Head of Engineering and Planning

Gil Gurevitz

Head of Marketing and Sales

Yoni Barel

Head of  Sales

Lilach Erez

Legal Counsel

Sigal Halevy

Head of Resources and Customer Relations

More than 50 years of experience, along with its financial strength, make Azorim one of the most prominent and extensively experienced companies in Israel’s residential field. By the end of 2020, Azorim is expected to complete approximately 3,500 housing units throughout the country. This long-standing company has achieved great success over time, being involved in the construction of advanced construction projects while continually identifying the real estate potential. The projects that Azorim is involved in include spacious, comfortable, and luxurious homes with rich specifications, along with the necessary and advanced services for the well-being of the residents, and high-level environmental development. A unique combination of knowledge, experience, financial strength, and daring leads to the construction of first-class residential projects that set a new standard of residence and commerce in the country. Azorim dictates the perfect living experience for families while applying innovations and advanced technologies in the field, all while being attentive and responding to customers with maximum availability, creativity, transparency, and leadership.

Azorim believes that a home is much more than four walls and a roof; a home is a community that gives a sense of belonging to its occupants. As such, Azorim initiates and holds various events and activities for the residents’ benefit, contributing to the formation and creation of a rich community life, with full partnership with the residents. As such, Azorim has loyal customers who grow together with the residential neighborhoods and march with Azorim hand in hand over time to new homes according to their changing needs. The high quality living environments also lead to sweeping urban development. As a company that puts its customers first, the residential neighborhoods that Azorim initiates and builds ensure a quality of life at the highest level, with perfect comfort for their occupants – not only inside the homes and buildings but also in the living environment itself. Essential community services and quality educational institutions close to home, green areas, bypass roads for the maximum safety of the project occupants and their children, optimal accessibility, and leisure centers are among the cornerstones of Azorim’s residential projects.

The seniority, many years of experience, and uncompromising professionalism, along with intellectual flexibility and strict adherence to quality, afford Azorim the strength in the face of the economic dynamism and social changes that characterize Israeli life. With a finger on the pulse and the ability to identify attractive land reserves, Azorim can successfully navigate in Israel’s competitive real estate market. Its emphasis on a comprehensive residential experience, along with identifying future trends and changes in the real estate sector, place Azorim at the forefront of Israeli residential culture.

To offer correct and up-to-date urban planning for urban renewal projects, Azorim has established a separate and independent division for evacuation-reconstruction projects, specializing in the construction of large residential complexes. The division is managed by the best experts in the field and pioneers in the industry. It draws on Azorim’s proven professional capabilities and the systemic flexibility needed to carry out urban renewal changes. As a result, Azorim is at the top of the table of Israel’s urban renewal indices. Azorim is now working on 30 projects, involving over 11,000 housing units throughout the country.

Azorim’s Living Reit Foundation specializes in long-term rental residences and focuses on initiating and constructing residential complexes involving hundreds of rental housing units, which enable operational efficiency in the construction, management, and maintenance of new homes. The location of the new projects’ centers on areas of demand and with an emphasis on accessibility to main transportation routes, public transportation centers, employment, education, and academia as well as areas where there is a high demand for rental properties. Moreover, the Foundation aims to function in areas with potential for improvement in the medium and long term.
Today, Azorim’s portfolio includes six projects in various stages with a total volume of 1,200 housing units, including a project in Ashdod that was populated just two years ago, two more projects under construction in the Harakafot neighborhood of Rishon Le’Zion and the Bayit Ba’Park neighborhood of Or Yehuda, a project in the planning stages in Bat Yam and another project in Ashkelon, which the company recently won as part of a tender by the government’s “Dira Lehashikir” company. Azorim Living intends to expand its existing portfolio and is looking forward to thousands of new homes.

Azorim Motza Illit – At the entrance to Jerusalem, in a location of historical value, it is a prestigious residential project that offers its residents everything that they need for an exclusive residential experience. This unique project covers over 60 dunams and includes a variety of new homes, in low-rise buildings, surrounded by cedar trees and overlooking the spectacular Jerusalem landscape.
Azorim Shoham – is a flagship complex and the last neighborhood that will be built in the coveted locality. The choice of areas for leading the construction in this prestigious neighborhood makes it possible to set an uncompromising standard from the planning stage up to the construction stage. All of this is carried out so that its residents can enjoy the best standard of living from the outset. The project offers a unique mix that includes a vast selection of attractive homes that are suitable for the family unit at every stage of life.
Herzliya Hills – a private and prestigious residential complex in a unique location that includes 600 homes alongside a variety of unique services, including a country club with a semi-Olympic swimming pool and gym, a commercial center, a spacious park, and more. Azorim is also working on quality residential communities in other cities, such as Galil Yam, Nahariya, Rehovot, Hadera, Ganei Tikva, Be’er Sheva, Kiryat Ono, Modi’in, Tel Mond, Jerusalem, and more.
In addition, Azorim is also working on projects as part of the government’s “price per occupant” project in Galil Yam, Rishon Le’Zion, and Shoham.

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