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Avivit Moskovich, Founder and Head of the Firm, Avivit Moskovich Law Firm

Avivit Moskovich

Founder and Head of the Firm

About Avivit Moskovich Law Firm

The Avivit Moskovich Law Firm is one of the most prominent and leading law firms in the field of family law. The Firm has been in business since the year 1999 and handles all classes of family affairs case files for clients in Israel as well as in the USA and Europe. The Firm's offices are situated in Ramat Gan. The Firm is headed by the proprietor Adv. Avivit Moskovich and is staffed by a veteran and professional team of first rate attorneys practicing family law.

The Added Value Provided by the Firm
We formed a solid and good quality firm of attorneys in which legal know how and expertise fuses with supreme sensitivity and business savvy. We are well aware of the fact that we are dealing with criminal law on the one hand, while, on the other hand, we will not rest until we lead the client to his objective in a manner suited to the circumstances of the case and to the personality of the client. The Firm’s experienced and professional team of attorneys tailors a personal and haute couture handling of the case for each client that suits that client’s needs. The Firm specializes exclusively in solving family related problems in Israel and around the world, as well as aspects of economically prominent case files, including on behalf of owners of large and recognized companies in the Israeli market. The Firm is known as a quality boutique firm that specializes in to the point and efficient handling of all its clients. The Firm is backed by extensive experience in contending with the most sensitive matters in divorce cases, as well as the most suitable strategy to bring each case to consummation to the satisfaction of the clients.
The Values Underpinning the Firm
Reliability, honesty and integrity – The Firm believes in assiduousness in honest and reliable reporting. The Firm operates with full transparency to the client throughout the entire process from beginning to end. A professional and responsible forecast regarding the chances of success in the case file, including probabilities and risks, is presented at the outset. Later on in the process, the staff ensures reliability of disposition, rendering a full and clear picture of the facts and presenting such for client approval. Control mechanisms are applied throughout the process, which ensure that the Firm operates based on honesty and integrity.
Professionalism – the Firm views itself as being responsible for bringing each case to a successful conclusion for our clients. Our expertise is expressed, inter alia, by: • Designing an appropriate strategy for conducting the case • The general level of legal knowledge and recognition of the specific facts in each individual case file • The quality of legal disposition • Representation in Family Affairs Courts and Rabbinical Tribunals, emphasizing the highest levels of fluency and persuasive ability, as well as though a process of deliberations until the desired objectives are achieved. In tandem with all these, the Firm provides professional, quality and personal service to its clients throughout the legal process.
Excellence – We consider ourselves a boutique Firm, expert in family law, which aspires to leading the field both from the professional aspect as well as from the aspect of the excellent handling afforded the client, while rigorously ensuring alacrity, efficiency and effectiveness, which lead to proven success. Excellence is expressed in all our actions, at the professional level, at the business level and at the personal relationship level. The Firm’s team consists of expert attorneys who are knowledgeable and highly experienced in legal matters pertaining to family affairs in Israel and around the world.
The Firm’s Areas of Expertise
Divorce – The Firm specializes in multifaceted and complex divorce cases and is known as a Firm that salvages what are considered lost cases. We have developed excellent tactics and strategies by means of which we lead our clients to the desired and most beneficial results for them. The Firm makes every effort to shorten the route for divorce case clients insofar as possible and in line with the client’s desire to assist, pursuant to a divorce agreement or a domestic harmony agreement as an alternative to divorce.
Distribution of Property – By the very nature of matters, divorce cases obligate the distribution of property. The Firm specializes in creative solutions and is considered to be expert in all matters of reputation (which is a liquidation asset). Furthermore, the Firm is well versed in the field of corporations and conducts divorce cases with great success where one of the parties is the owner of a company or companies.
Alimony and Child Support – The majority of the population in Israel are Jewish couples married under Jewish law and of course the Firm lodges claims and defends claims for alimony and child support at the highest possible levels. The Firm also specializes in all matters of alimony related to Jewish couples married under civil law and mixed religion couples and couples where one of the parties is domiciled in Israel and the other is domiciled abroad.
Child Custody – The past decade has brought about an impressive development in child custody related judgments. Our Firm tracks every innovation and is itself an innovator. The subject of child custody is handled very sensitively by the Firm, as we are dealing here with the future generation and we feel that we are responsible for the wellbeing of the children of divorcees as we are for the wellbeing of the parents.
Domestic Violence – We are frequently witness to cases of domestic violence during the course of a divorce dispute and/or other domestic dispute. The ongoing handling of all involved in domestic violence, including minor children in need (whether the children are so defined due to violence or for any other reason). Cases involving domestic violence are particularly sensitive and demand careful and skilled handling which assists is preventing the perpetuation of the dire consequences which are liable to be prevalent amongst those involved and, indeed, our Firm handles all matters of domestic violence professionally and in a forward looking manner.
Common Law Marriage / Civil Marriage – While in the case of a common law marriage the act of marriage is absent and in cases of civil marriages the act of marriage is not conducted in Israel (which bears legal and Jewish halacha ramifications) but, in actual fact, as in any other matters characterizing joint cohabitation, the need arises to handle the termination of the relationship when the case in point is a common law marriage and also those married in a civil marriage ceremony. Of course, there are relevant rulings for both these categories and our Firm specializes in handling divorces / separations of this type.
Child Abduction – Divorce cases occasionally incorporate an act of abduction of children to other countries, or from other countries to Israel. The Hague Convention covers such abductions. Child abduction requires immediate actions to return the minor child and while reporting to the police is indeed one of the primary steps to be taken, it is by no means the only step. The Firm has a great deal of experience in the complexity of child abduction cases including the specific professional know how required to successfully handle abduction cases.
Migration – Lodging relevant migration motions where one parent wishes to move from his fixed domicile with his children and the other parent refuses to do so. The Firm lodges, in such cases, migration suits on behalf of its clients, in the wake of which the issue is settled to the benefit of the child, the quality of the relationship with the parents, expert considered opinions, etc.
Wills and Inheritance – This is a field of law that stands alone and has its own laws and rulings. Significant specialization is required in the field of wills and inheritance and also acute awareness and attention to matters that, when applied well in time, can avoid undesirable results for people in the throes of family disputes, as well as for people who aspire that their property will be distributed pursuant to their wishes after their demise.

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