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Residential Development, Public Works, Industrial and Commercial Construction


Founding Year 1978
Address 7 Ben Zvi St., Avisror House, P.O.B. 442, Beer-Sheva 8410302 - View Map
Phone 073-2555555 מוקד מכירות ארצי *5508
Fax 073-2555505
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Eli Avisror, Chief Executive Officer, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Eli Avisror

Chief Executive Officer

Yitzhak (Jackie) Avisror, Deputy Chief Executive Officer, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Yitzhak (Jackie) Avisror

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Yoram Avisror, Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Marketing, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Yoram Avisror

Deputy Chief Executive Officer - Marketing

Moshe Avisror, President, Avisror Moshe & Sons

Moshe Avisror



Avisror Moshe & Sons is an entrepreneurial construction company and one of Israel's most stable construction industry companies. The company is privately owned, and was founded in 1978 by Mr. Moshe Avisror, who now serves as its president, while his sons Eli, Jackie and Yoram, hold critical positions in senior management. The company is in the leading edge in real estate technology and operates in a variety of areas, such as entrepreneurship, project management and execution, residential, sheltered housing, industrial, commercial and office buildings, and holds the unlimited construction rating of C5. In addition to being a contracting company, it undertakes government work, as well as infrastructure and development work.

The company holds the ISO 9002 Standard, issued by the Israeli Standards Institute, which guarantees quality control, planning to the smallest of details, while maintaining the highest quality and service consciousness in the industry. The company is committed to the standards of courteous and warm personal service, alongside uncompromising supervision and control. The company employs the best and leading minds in the fields of management, architecture, and engineering. The company’s reputation is built on determination and investments in the initiation and construction of unique projects, with an emphasis on architectural design, rigorous qualities using advanced construction technologies and offering luxurious technical specifications. Avisror Moshe & Sons are always expanding, and are responsible for the construction of tens of thousands of apartments nationwide in cities such as Be’er Sheva, Ashkelon, Ashdod, Yavne, Rehovot, Rishon Le’Zion, Rosh Ha’ayin, Modi’in, Jerusalem, Bat Yam, Gedera and more.

Avisror Builds Residential Projects Throughout Israel with Love:
Be’er Sheva • The “Grand Avisror” project – the most innovative flagship project in the Southern Region, which offers four luxury 30-story towers, an underground car park, a separate spa club with a gym, a spa and a resident’s synagogue. The unique complex is located in an attractive location on Tuvahu Boulevard, adjacent to the Grand Canyon. Construction and marketing of the third building is underway • the “Avisror project in Neve Noi” – a unique cottage complex in the desirable neighborhood of Neve Noi. The new cottages are available for immediate occupancy • “Avisror in the Park” – a project that offers 192 apartments in 8 7-story buildings. The project combines apartments that will be marketed as part of the “capped price” (“Mehir Le’Mishtaken”) program • The “Avisror in Naot Hadarim” project – a new neighborhood adjacent to the desirable Neve Noi neighborhood. The company has begun to market the city’s most significant project, with 650 apartments of 3,4 and 5 rooms, and penthouses, and as a highlight and for the first time in Beersheba, 5-room apartments with hanging garden terraces, in 10 towers and 4 buildings with 7 to 15 stories Rehovot • the “Avisror 431” project in West Rehovot – an entire neighborhood consisting of 960 apartments in the layout of 12 prestigious 12-20-story residential towers, boutique buildings and a 12-dunam green park. Avisror is now marketing the ninth and tenth buildings • The “Science Towers 2” – after the success of its 2 17-story towers which are located in the Pecan Garden and have already been populated, the company began marketing the third tower.
Ashkelon • the “Avisror on the Water” project – 92 apartments in a prestigious 9-story high-rise building and six 5-story buildings in the Agamim District, close by the artificial lake. Construction is complete, and population is immediate.
“Green Yavne” • “Avisror on the Park” in the Neot Shamir neighborhood – the company is now marketing a project that includes 3, 4, 5 and 6 room apartments, penthouses and garden apartments. Rishon Le’Zion • “Avisror B’ Narkassim” – the company is now marketing a “capped price” project (“Mehir Le’Mishtaken”) along with apartments to be marketed to the open market. The project offers 3, 4, 5 and 6 room apartments and penthouses.
The Nationwide Capped Price (“Mehir Le’Mishtaken”) Project • Be’er-Sheva • Ashkelon • Gedera • Be’er Yaakov • Rishon Le’Zion.

Avisror Builds Income Generating Properties With Love:
“Avisror Center” – commercial areas in attractive vibrant environments designed for any commercial purpose. Among the many commercial projects by Avisror Moshe & Sons:
The Avisror Towers Project’s “Business Center” in Be’er Sheva – a prestigious business center that combines commercial space and offices. The business center is located at the northern entrance to Be’er Sheva. The mix of retail stores that have been opened includes Ronit Raphael, Opal Balance, Pizza Hut, Super Cofix, Super Basket Express as well as other select businesses. The office floor in the center is populated by medical clinics and professional offices.
“Avisror House” in Be’er Sheva – the diverse commercial areas and offices at Avisror House are located in a dynamic consumer environment and an excellent strategic location.
The “Park Neighborhood Shopping Center” – a 16,000 square meter commercial and office center that will serve more than 25,000 residents and passers-by on nearby Route 25. The Be and Shufersal chains have already secured their places.
“Or Ness” House – an office tower adjacent to Avisror House, the project is currently in the planning stages.
“Beit Ha’Keren” in Be’er Sheva – located in a prime location and close by the Leonardo Hotel, the Municipal building and the Dead Sea factories, is Beit Ha’Keren, a 5-story building, that offers offices of various sizes.
Industrial Buildings in Be’er Sheva and Yeruham – The Company leases out industrial buildings in Be’er Sheba and Yeruham of various sizes.
And Soon – Commercial and office space close by the Assuta Hospital in Ashdod, commercial and office space in Be’er Ya’akov, commercial areas in the sought after Ashkelon Agamim neighborhood, commercial areas in Bat Yam’s Kommiut neighborhood, commercial areas in Gedera, an office tower adjacent to Avisror House in Be’er Sheva and a residential building for rent or purchase in the Mahane Yehuda Shopping Market in Jerusalem next to Mazia House.

Avisror Looking Forward – Projects Being Planned:
• Yeruham: The company will soon build a shopping and office center in Yeruham • Bat-Yam: a reinvigorated complex on the Rishon Le-Zion/Bat-Yam border of 9.5 dunams after rezoning for commercial, office and residential areas • Modi’in: the company is expected to build 2 residential projects, one in the Moreshet neighborhood and the other in the Nofim neighborhood.

Avisror Moshe & Sons – Urban Renewal:
In recent years the company has been promoting projects in Ashdod and Rehovot:
• The “Nasi” project includes the removal of 186 apartments and the erection of 1,126 new apartments and commercial areas in 10 buildings. Project documents will soon be deposited with the District Planning and Building Commission
• The “Herzl” project includes the removal of 72 apartments and the erection of 387 new apartments and commercial areas. Project documents will soon be deposited with the District Planning and Building Commission.
• The “Kiryat Moshe” project, in Rehovot. On October 23, 2019, the plan was approved for validation. The company signed up 75% of the tenants in 3 different areas in the neighborhood. The project is expected to offer 700 apartments.
In addition to extensive professional activities, Avisror Moshe & Sons contributes to the community – the company runs charities and projects for the needy in the community. In addition, based on a desire to contribute to the advancement of sports in the city, the company sponsors Ha’poel Be’er Sheva, a major Israeli championship football team.

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