Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

Civil-commercial litigation, real estate, urban renewal, insolvency, banking, cooperatives, rural settlement, administrative law, planning and construction law, class actions, taxation, and real estate taxation


Founding Year 1992
Address 6 Pal Yam, PO Box 558, 3309509 TEL AVIV Amot Investment Tower, 2 Weizmann, 6423902 - View Map
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Ofer Attias, Founding Partner, Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

Ofer Attias

Founding Partner

Ofer Grauer, Partner, Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

Ofer Grauer


Yehuda Vishnitzky, Partner, Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

Yehuda Vishnitzky


Adan Inbar, Partner, Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

Adan Inbar


Ron Hakim, Partner, Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

Ron Hakim


About Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co.

The Attias, Grauer, Vishnitzky, Inbar, Hakim & Co. Law Firm is one of the leading and prominent law firms in civil-commercial, real estate, litigation, insolvency, urban renewal, and cooperatives law. The Firm was established in 1992 and today has 23 advocates, interns, and administrative officials, with branches in Haifa and Tel Aviv.

The Firm’s Values – Excellence, Responsibility, and Dedication
The Firm provides its many clients with a unique, high-quality, and dedicated legal service, offering creative legal solutions to issues brought to its attention, emphasizing professionalism and availability.

The Firm’s Activities and Areas of Expertise
The Firm’s legal practice focus on six main core areas. They are carried out through dedicated departments – real estate, real estate taxation, urban renewal (representing entrepreneurs and homeowners), planning and construction, insolvency, banking, cooperatives and rural settlement, and a civil-commercial litigation department.
In these legal specialties, all headed by the Firm’s partners and senior advocates with many years of experience and expertise, the Firm’s clients receive comprehensive and professional legal service, both in business consulting and accompaniment and in litigation before the courts, appeals committees and authorities – thus the Firm’s uniqueness and advantage.
Alongside these fields, the Firm specializes in legal counsel before the Israel Land Authority and also provides comprehensive legal services in other unique areas of law, such as taxation and municipal taxation, class actions, labor law, tender law, white-collar criminal issues, inheritance, wills, and corporate law.
The Firm has handled large-scale projects and complex legal proceedings before all judicial instances, including the Supreme Court, with impressive achievements, which have gained resonance and recognition, and established the Firm’s reputation.

Firm Clients
The Firm’s clients are some of the largest and most well-known private and public economic entities in the Israeli economy, such as banks, financial corporations, shipping companies, industrial companies, developers and leading contractors, as well as cooperatives (moshavim and community settlements), institutional entities, apartment owners and urban clients, all receiving efficient and purposeful service.
The Firm is highly regarded, both by the courts and by members of the legal profession. This appreciation and recognition is also expressed among international and Israeli ranking guides. The Firm has achieved all this thanks to its extensive and successful activity in the various fields of law and its well-known and loyal clients, who choose the Firm to represent them in complex and challenging legal projects and proceedings and thanks to the professional, human, and skilled staff.

The Professional Team
The Firm has 23 advocates, all of them the Firm carefully selects because of their professional excellence and interpersonal abilities.
The Firm’s partners – Adv. Ofer Attias, Ofer Grauer, Yehuda Vishnitzky, Adan Inbar, and Ron Hakim are leading professionals, each an expert, and they are widely recognized for their legal achievements.

The Partners
Adv. Ofer Attias – one of the Firm’s founders, with over four decades of litigation experience, is considered one of the leading and senior litigators. Throughout his many years of activity, he has appeared in many famous and resonant trials, which have been heard before the courts, and has had much success.
Adv. Attias’ litigation activities include representing clients both in the field of civil-commercial law and in criminal law (with an emphasis on white-collar offenses). He also represented prominent public figures, mayors and lawyers in complex legal proceedings, who chose him to represent them for the high esteem he receives both in the courts and among his colleagues due to his professional skills and abilities, great dedication and fairness.
Adv. Ofer Grauer – heads the Real Estate, Real Estate Taxation, Urban Renewal, Taxation and Municipal Taxation Department and is considered one of the most well-known and leading advocates in these fields. He has handled large-scale projects in which thousands of housing units, real estate projects and sales transactions, urban renewal and complex combination transactions have been initiated and established.
In addition, he provides clients with comprehensive legal assistance and advice in residential real estate and income-producing real estate projects throughout Israel with a combined value of billions of Shekels, including the accompaniment of residential and employment development and construction transactions, tenders, real estate projects, and urban renewal projects (with extensive experience in representing both entrepreneurs and apartment owners) and legal counsel before the authorities.
Adv. Yehuda Vishnitzky – heads the Cooperative Associations and Rural Settlement Department as well as the Real Estate Department and is one of the well-known and leading advocates in these fields. Has experience and expertise with the various state authorities, with an emphasis on complex legal proceedings with the Israel Land Authority, various government ministries, and the Registrar of Cooperative Societies. As part of this specialization, he was appointed a member of the Advisory Committee to the Minister of Agriculture on Cooperative Associations, as a member of the Cooperative Associations Committee of the Israel Bar Association, and as an arbitrator in the appointment of the Registrar of Cooperative Societies in Disputes Ordinance.
Adv. Adan Inbar – heads the Planning and Construction Department and the Commercial-Civil Litigation Department and is one of the leading advocates in these fields. Has extensive and unique experience in representing private and public commercial companies, local government bodies, associations, developers, construction companies and others, before various judicial instances in various fields, including property law, contract law, real estate, local government, and more. Has expertise in defamation and accompanies companies and individuals in lawsuits and crises with media coverage. Represents the Firm’s clients both in day-to-day issues and in complex, unique planning operations and procedures.
Adv. Ron Hakim – heads the Insolvency and Banking Department and is considered one of the most prominent and leading advocates in these fields. Has extensive experience and reputation in managing companies during their recovery period to place them on the basis that will allow them to be sold as a going concern. Because of his significant experience, the reputation he has gained, and his successes in corporate recovery, he is often appointed by the Israeli courts as a functionary and receives requests from large and prominent creditors to represent them in these proceedings. In addition, he also heads the Firm’s banking field and represents banks in both day-to-day operations and legal proceedings. He also serves as an arbitrator and has gained extensive experience in the successful management of complex arbitration hearings.

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