Ashtrom Properties

A leading company in the field of initiation, construction, acquisition, and management of income-generating properties in Israel and abroad


Founding Year 1990
Address 10 Yona Kremenetski St., Tel Aviv 6789910 - View Map
Phone 972-3-6231435
Fax 972-3-6231332
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Yaron Rokman, CEO - Chief Executive Officer, Ashtrom Properties

Yaron Rokman

CEO - Chief Executive Officer

Avraham (Rami) Nussbaum, Chairman of the Board, Ashtrom Properties

Avraham (Rami) Nussbaum

Chairman of the Board

Dudu Dola, CFO, Ashtrom Properties

Dudu Dola


Eyal Cohen, VP fo Engineering, Ashtrom Properties

Eyal Cohen

VP fo Engineering

Neta Luxemburg, VP Business Development, Ashtrom Properties

Neta Luxemburg

VP Business Development

Idan Sigel, CMP, Ashtrom Properties

Idan Sigel


Benny Osmo, Vice President, Ashtrom Properties

Benny Osmo

Vice President

Avi Schucman, VP Properties, Ashtrom Properties

Avi Schucman

VP Properties

Aviv Fadida, Executive Assistant to the CEO, Ashtrom Properties

Aviv Fadida

Executive Assistant to the CEO

Eran Tal, VP Ashlad Properties, Ashtrom Properties

Eran Tal

VP Ashlad Properties

About Ashtrom Properties

Ashtrom Properties is a major factor of the Ashtrom Group in initiation, construction, acquisition, and management of income-producing properties in Israel and abroad. The Company manages 730,000 square meters of office, commercial, industrial, and logistics income-producing properties found throughout Israel and in major cities worldwide.

Ashtrom Properties has accumulated many years of knowledge and experience in its operations and enjoys a solid reputation and financial base. These advantages are reflected in the quality of its investments in Israel and abroad, which have proven themselves over the years, and has adopted a long-term investment strategy that is expressed, inter alia, in the self-management of its properties and ensures quality assets with a high level of maintenance for many years.

The Ashtrom Group
The Ashtrom Group, one of the largest and leading construction and real estate groups in Israel, was founded in 1963 and has been owned and managed by several families for generations. The Group has extensive and diverse activities in construction and real estate and includes companies involved in construction, franchising, residential and real estate. In addition, the Group operates in the international arena through extensive operations in Africa, Eastern Europe, and the United States. The Group has maintained economic stability and financial strength over the years, and its securities are listed for trading on the Tel Aviv Stock Exchange’s Tel Aviv 35 Index.

Ashtrom Properties – Areas of Activity
Offices and Employment – The Company owns and manages several office towers throughout the country, including hi-tech and technology complexes, populated by tenants from the liberal professions, alongside leading global companies in pharmaceutical and more. Investments in the properties are focused on environmental development, allowing for urban open spaces, access roads, a dynamic work environment and more.
Retail Trade – The Company owns and manages several properties nationwide in the retail sector. The extensive property portfolio combines urban shopping centers, malls and integrated shopping projects, which are an example of the Company’s long-term strategy.
Industry and Logistics – Ashlad, which is wholly owned by Ashtrom Properties is engaged in the development, management and rental of industrial and logistics buildings, scattered throughout the country, mainly in the periphery. The company has diverse tenants with long-term leases due to its professional excellence.
Ashtrom Port – is a subsidiary of Ashtrom Properties, which was established as part of the Company’s management and service vision. Ashtrom Port manages a network of shared workspace complexes and provides a first-of-its-kind work experience with a variety of unique services that redefine the balance between life and work, such as a business lounge, conference and events center, FITNESS complex with gym and studio classes, well-equipped meeting rooms and more. The first complex will open in January 2021 in Hod Hasharon’s hi-tech park, and in the future additional complexes are expected to open at the Company’s entrepreneurial projects under construction.
Ashtrom Properties Germany – The Company has been operating in Germany for over a decade, and holds an impressive portfolio that includes 15 properties totaling 180,000 square meters, located in Düsseldorf, Hamburg, Wolfsburg, Leipzig, Boblingan, Mannheim, Dortmund and Hessen.
Ashtrom Properties UK – The Company’s operations in the UK began in May 2019, Since then, the Company has completed the acquisition of two office buildings, with 50,000 square meters, located in Liverpool and Manchester.

Selected Existing Properties
Hod Hasharon Towers – the “Hod Hasharon Hi-Tech Park”, covers 30 acers in the Neve Ne’eman Industrial zone. The Park offers five towers with a total built up area of 70,000 square meters. As part of the development activity to improve the Company’s existing properties, a master plan is planned for the complex for an additional office tower of 60,000 square meters.
The Hutzot Ha’Mifratz Outlet Center – Israel’s largest commercial complex, covers an area of 150,000 square meters and offers a variety of retail shops.
Bat Yam Mall – A large and centrally located mall, owned by Ashtrom Properties and the BIG Group, which offers 30,000 square meters of commercial space on three floors, along with 1,000 parking spaces.
Netanya – The property offers a unique structure which allows for retail and offices over four levels, each covering 3,000 square meters. The property is unique in the shape of a Rotunda (circular hall)
Shoham Shopping Center – The significant commercial center in Shoham is located in the heart of the community, and offers a variety of services and institutions
Rosh Pina Mall – The property has an authentic architecture design and offers two levels of and covers 7,500 square meters.
Vita House, Bnei Brak – This is the most senior of three projects of the Company in the Bnei Brak Business Center (“BBC”) complex and offers 13,000 square meters of built-up space for offices and retail.
V TOWER – The office tower joins the Company’s portfolio of properties in the BBC complex, construction of which the Company has been involved from initiation, marketing, construction, to full occupancy.
Ashlad – is a subsidiary of Ashtrom Properties, and owns and manages industrial, warehousing and logistics properties covering 200,000 square meters, located throughout Israel.

Properties in Planning and Execution
LYFE – The newest and largest business complex in the BBC complex, where Ashtrom Properties and Dan Real Estate, are working om a project which combines top-level planning, management and service, a strategic location facing the Yarkon Park and close by the Light Rail. The project will include 3 office towers and will cover 200,000 square meters along with commercial areas in an innovative and advanced work environment.
Ashtrom Campus – Yavne – An advanced and innovative office project, designed as a green campus and intended for employees and end-users of the leading companies of the Israeli economy, offering 85,000 square meters of employment space in three main buildings with easy-to-divide floors, combining operating areas and clean production.
Hayetzira in Ramat Gan – The construction of a prestigious office tower in the heart of Ramat Gan’s diamond exchange complex at the corner of Abba Hillel, offering 50,000 square meters.
THE CAPITAL JERUSALEM – The first mixed-use project of its kind in Jerusalem that combines offices, residences, and commerce, which is the first project in the new entrance district. The tenants of the project will enjoy a business experience, innovative and advanced, with a wealth of choices for offices of any size and any purpose. THE CAPITAL complex was built in partnership with the Balilius Famil0y, AKA Real Estate and Drori Real Estate.
Ashtrom Comm-U Talpiot, Jerusalem – An innovative business complex located in the heart of the renewed Talpiot district covering 50,000 square meters, provides the exact combination of business, quality and experience and allows its tenants to enjoy a sophisticated work environment.
OliO Bat Yam – Adjacent to the renewed Bat Yam Mall, a new residential tower, an office tower and a commercial tower will be built. The connection between the office tower and the mall creates a perfect synergy of experience and services and can suit a wide range of tenants from the field of medicine, aesthetics and the liberal professions. The project has maximum accessibility, nearby the Ayalon highway (Yoseftal interchange), with only a few minutes walk from the Light Rail and nearby the Yoseftal train station.
Ness Ziona – A combined project for offices and commerce in a strategic location on the developing axis of Ness Ziona on a plot of land covering 7.5 dunams, in partnership with The Services and Giga Management.
The Company is promoting several town building plans in various locations to add rights and rezoning to the extent of 300,000 square meters (for employment, commercial and residential uses).

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