Ashdod Port Company Ltd.

Port Services, Ship Loading and Unloading, Freight Transport, Passenger and Logistic Services


Founding Year 2004
Address P.O.B. 9001, Ashdod 77191- View Map
Phone 08-8517604/5
Fax 08-8517632
Email [email protected]
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Moshe Zana, CEO, Ashdod Port Company Ltd.

Moshe Zana


Orna Hozman Bechor, Chairman of the Board, Ashdod Port Company Ltd.

Orna Hozman Bechor

Chairman of the Board


Ashdod Port is Israel's leading economic gateway and its most advanced port. Ashdod Port is a profitable commercial company that practices work methods predicated on transparency, financial reporting, administrative probity, recruitment of workers based on their qualifications and by equal-opportunity public tenders. Corporate profits are channeled to investments in equipment, and the objective is to abbreviate and facilitate logistic processes for its customers while developing the port.

Comprehensive Services
Ashdod Port provides customers with a full package of services, including logistic services such as • Bringing ships into port and their anchorage
• Full ship services • Unloading, storage and loading of cargoes • Storage of freight containers • Infrastructure for passenger liner anchorage, providing top-quality service for passengers and their luggage • Ashdod Port’s surrounding area offers bonded warehouses, as well as free warehouses for unloading and storing containers and cargoes. Additional facilities include citrus fruit and agricultural produce warehouses, cold storage, a grain silo, freight container repair and cleaning services.

Advantages of the Ashdod Port
• Proximity to Israel’s center and south, easy access to traffic arteries
• Close-by the Suez Canal
• Broad and advanced infrastructure including a computerized container freight port managed by a TOS system
• Extensive storage space
• Proximity to railway lines
• An innovative and computerized entry and exit gate for trucks
• Quay depth of 15.5 meters, allowing for access by giant ships.

Improving Customer Service
Ashdod Port maintains an uncompromising and meticulous service policy. In recent years, Ashdod Port has invested substantially in purchasing equipment and infrastructure, and is set for more investments within the next few years. Ashdod Port is actively working towards reducing ship waiting times, by introducing new and sophisticated technological equipment, expanding the workforce, developing new quays and initiating innovative customer services.

Development of a Customer Relationship Business Database
Ashdod Port invests in establishing, managing and strengthening its links with customers in Israel and abroad, in the areas of shipping and logistics. The Ashdod Port Company puts its emphasis on customer service and providing a direct and quick response to their needs. The Company does everything possible to ensure customer satisfaction and carries out many activities to ensure improved processes, streamlining and expanding the basket of services it provides.
Ashdod Port is a significant link in the supply chain and deals with removal of obstacles that are not under its direct responsibility for the benefit of its customers. Ashdod Port works to create an overall synergy in handling procedures while understanding that the goal is one synchronized logistics system.

Advanced Technological Services
The TOS System
The Terminal Operating System (TOS) provides a distinct competitive advantage through the efficient and controlled management of the Port, optimum use of equipment and resources and improved customer service.
TOS System Advantages: • increasing the availability and significant reduction in ship and truck unloading and loading waiting times of ships and trucks • receiving timely information and full tracking of ship and container movements • direct contact between the port and ship agent for real-time ship operations • strengthening coordination with customers and planning ships.

ERP System
Out of a desire to improve and streamline the relationship between the Company and its customers, the port has enabled an innovative ERP system for management and control of operational, logistical and financial processes.

The Company’s website offers customers a package of services that includes personal information and reports on ship and cargo operations at the port. The site allows easy access to information about port activity, and supports browsing from mobile devices, tablets, and desktops.

Automatic Gateway
The Gateway is a main automatic gate for trucks, which is operated by an advanced system, which allows for an identification of vehicle license plate and container numbers, as well as biometric identification for the vehicle drivers.
• The project has 32 lanes, each with a truck weighing scale. • An electronic messaging system to allow for the quick flow of trucks into and out of the port. • Camera surveillance of each truck, thus ensuring inspection procedures, including messaging systems for locating the container.

Pneumatic cranes for unloading grain cargoes
Ashdod Port operates two pneumatic cranes for unloading grain vessels, which were acquired as part of an international deal with NEUERO (a German company). The crane’s operation provides a response to the increasing need to handle grains via ships visiting Ashdod Port and provides an ecological response to the problem of grain leakages in the unloading areas. The unloading capacity of the two cranes is 600 tons per hour for each unit.

Photography: Ronen Akerman Photography: Avi Roccah

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