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Urban Renewal - TAMA 38/2 Projects


Founding Year 2009
Address 53 Yigal Alon St., Tel Aviv 6706206 - View Map
Phone 972-3-637-4257
Fax 972-3-688-7541
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Arnon Fridman, Chief Executive Officer of Ashdar, Ashdar Boutique

Arnon Fridman

Chief Executive Officer of Ashdar

Omer Guggenheim, Head of Ashdar Boutique and Vice President of Ashdar, Ashdar Boutique

Omer Guggenheim

Head of Ashdar Boutique and Vice President of Ashdar


Ashdar Boutique specializes in unique urban renewal-TAMA 38 projects and builds upon the financial strength of Ashdar and the Ashtrom Group. The Company leverages its many years of expertise and know-how in advanced urban planning and construction to establish high-quality boutique projects that are perfectly tailored to its clients' needs. Ashdar Boutique leads its field in all measures of urban renewal and has been ranked first for the second year in a row in urban renewal projects.

Ashdar Boutique was established more than a decade ago by Ashdar, an Ashtrom Group company, now leads in the development and marketing of quality residential neighborhoods all over the country. The Company has focused on TAMA 38 projects and their transformation into major residential growth engines.

Ashdar Boutique is managed by Omer Guggenheim, who is recognized as having unique professional expertise with TAMA 38 projects, serves as a member of the Urban Renewal Committee of the National Contractors Association and is active in the TA and Givatayim Contractors’ Organization.
Ashdar’s niche specialization in urban renewal and TAMA 38 projects, in general, and the demolition and reconstruction track, in particular, creates a framework of solutions in the planning, construction, and delivery of its managed projects. Ashdar’s projects are in the most attractive areas in the heart of the senior neighborhoods of the Dan Region and offer modern infrastructure, commercial centers, parks, and landscaped gardens while maintaining easy access to the most essential and central traffic arteries in the area.

Ashdar Boutique is involved in more than 40 projects that are at various stages, some of which are complexes that span an entire street with 13 of them currently under construction.

Featured Projects:
• 22 Ha’Amal in Ramat Gan: a quality, young and vibrant HYPE Project in Ramat Gan, adjacent to Ha’Yarkon Park. The project will offer two buildings with 8 new floors and a diverse mix of apartments.
• 29 Assaf in Ramat Gan: a boutique project on a quiet street located adjacent to Ha’Yarkon Park. The project involves the demolition of a 10-apartment building to be replaced by a high-quality, 8-story building, which will offer 25 newly designed apartments.
• 3,5, and 7 Yehudah Ha’Maccabi in Kiryat Ono: a boutique project in the more established part of Kiryat Ono, involving three buildings. The project involves the demolition of 36 more senior apartments and the construction of 78 new apartments. The new buildings have 7 stories each along with underground parking.
• The 1,3,7 and 9 Montefiore Complex in Kiryat Ono: a boutique project in a central part of Kiryat Ono, and includes the renovation of the entire street. The project involves the demolition and evacuation of 4 more senior residential buildings of 3-stories, and the constriction of 4 new 7-story residential buildings, with 26 new apartments and underground parking in each building.
• 11-15 Gideon in Ramat Hasharon: a boutique project in Ramat Ha’Sharon, located close to Ussishkin Street and only a few steps from the city center. The project involves the demolition of 18 more senior apartments and the construction of 41 new apartments, in a building of 7 floors, and offers two entrances and underground parking.
• 56-58 Tel-Hai in Kfar Saba: a downtown Kfar Saba project involving the demolition of a 2-story building of 8 apartments to be replaced by an 8-story building with a two-level underground car park. The new building will offer 28 newly designed apartments.
• 16/18 Arlozorov in Ra’anana: a project in the city center nearby Ahuza Street which will involve the demolition of 2 buildings with 24 apartments, to be replaced by two new 7-story buildings and 60 newly designed apartments.
• 42 Rambam Street in Ra’anana – as part of this project, a 7-story building with 40 residential units will be built.
• 9 Bereshit Street in Ramat Ha’Sharon: a prestigious project will be built that will offer a 7-story building and 24 residential units.

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