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Construction, Entrepreneurship and Urban Renewal


Founding Year 1994
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Arkady Kleyman, Owner, Arkady Kleyman Ltd.

Arkady Kleyman


Suzanna Kleyman, Chief Executive Officer, Arkady Kleyman Ltd.

Suzanna Kleyman

Chief Executive Officer

Boris Kleyman, Chief Executive Officer, Arkady Kleyman Ltd.

Boris Kleyman

Chief Executive Officer

About Arkady Kleyman Ltd.

Arkady Kleyman, which deals with execution, entrepreneurship, and TAMA 38 projects, is a leader in each area thanks to its creativity, determination for accuracy and excellence, teamwork, the most advanced working methods, and financial soundness.

The Company specializes in residential, industrial, public construction (infrastructure works, construction, and finishing) and urban renewal projects. The Company adheres to rich architectural design and environmental development, high-quality technical specifications, and an extremely high construction standard. “Uncompromising quality is important to us, and it is what has made to be a reliable and thorough construction company,”emphasizes the CEO of the Company.

An Established and Reliable Construction Company
With 28 years of experience in the construction industry and a holder of the C5 Contractors Grade and ISO 9001 Certification, Arkady Kleyman is proud of its human capital – the engineers, the architects, the engineers, the senior executives, the project managers, the employees in all construction professions and the supportive logistics system. The Company is meticulous in recruiting employees and advocates delegating authority to managers while listening to new ideas, encouraging cooperation, and fair compensation. The many years of experience and the accumulated knowledge of the professional team are applied in the construction process, from the architectural design stage of the project until its conclusion. All its clients, including large companies in the economy, such as Shikun Ve Binui, Shafir, Sela Binui, Kaham, and more, give witness to these concepts.

Pleasant and Relaxed Service Experience
The Company’s many projects maintain a high standard that is well adapted to the requirements of its clients, providing personal, warm, and courteous attention and close accompaniment from the early planning stage to project delivery. The extensive experience gained by the Company allows it to provide each client with a pleasant and relaxed service experience throughout, along with the strict quality of construction while meeting schedules, transparency, and efficient client service.

Residential Projects
Arkady Kleyman builds residential neighborhoods in Haifa, Nesher, Nahariya, Kiryat Yam, Karmiel, Harish, Kfar Tavor, and Yokneam, and community expansions in kibbutzim. The construction is undertaken with great sensitivity to the needs of the tenants. The Company’s tenants’ department works with the client from signing the agreement until the receipt of the key to the apartment. The inspection department continues to respond to the client during the inspection and warranty years.
Two years ago, Arkady Kleyman established a joint venture with Vaknin Shamgar. From purchasing land through careful planning and meticulous execution, Kleyman – Shamgar Entrepreneurship and Construction specializes in entrepreneurship and construction. The Company has won tenders in Yavniel and Tiberias (a complex of 660 housing units and a commercial center).

The Flagship Project
The flagship project of Kleyman-Shamgar is a tower that rises to 60 floors at the Nesher quarry site. The project includes commercial areas, offices, over 1,000 housing units, including dormitories for students, and parking lots. According to one of the architects, Guy Miloslavsky, “the project will be a new metropolitan anchor, the tallest tower in the country outside of Gush Dan, which will be built in a strategic location for businesses and will leverage the entire area from a typical employment complex to a mixed-use attraction, part of an urban continuum between Haifa and Nesher. “

Urban Renewal
Three years ago, the Company entered the field of evacuation-reconstruction and entrepreneurship in urban renewal. As an entrepreneurial partner and construction arm of Basalt KMA Real Estate and Entrepreneurship, it is now working on projects in Haifa, Acre, and Nahariya. The Company is also involved in evacuation-reconstruction projects in Haifa and its surrounding areas.
Also, in the field of urban renewal, the Company’s team applies the rich experience it has gained over the years in collaboration with professionals in engineering, licensing, and construction. Tenants are guaranteed a professional, efficient process, from the initial inspection to the project end and entry to the apartments.

Public Buildings
Arkady Kleyman’s clients also include municipalities and regional councils; The Company specializes in public construction and is proud of its projects in Haifa, Acre, Migdal Ha’Emek, Karmiel, and moshavim in Israel’s north. – fire stations, schools, kindergartens, daycare centers, dormitories for adults and children with special needs, synagogues, a yeshiva, a municipal library, a community building, a youth club, sports halls, and an adventure park.

Industrial Buildings
Arkady Kleiman builds industrial buildings (heavy industry plant in the Tzahar industrial area), logistics warehouses in Alon Tavor, a workshop building in Kibbutz Kabri, and a chemical plant in Kiryat Shmona, where the Company also demonstrated its professionalism, commitment, execution capabilities and extensive knowledge it has accumulated over the years, all which constitute a solid foundation for carrying out projects in the field of industry.

Company Values
• High-quality planning and execution with advanced and up-to-date managerial concepts.
• One of the highest construction and finishing standards in the country today.
• Meeting goals and schedules
• Financial stability
• Uncompromising service

Arkady Kleiman is jointly managed by Boris and Suzanna Kleyman, children of Arkady Kleyman, the founder of the Company “We continue Dad’s path, run it modestly without fancy offices, and believe in hard work. The fact that the Company is named after Dad commits us – practically and emotionally, and leads us to action and success!”

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