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Saar Rosman, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Saar Rosman


Dana Hen, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Dana Hen


Dan Adar, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Dan Adar


Yifat Tsafrir, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Yifat Tsafrir


Osnat Sarusi- Firstater, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Osnat Sarusi- Firstater


Itay Hass, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Itay Hass


Ehud Arad, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Ehud Arad


Zvi Agmon, Founding Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Zvi Agmon

Founding Partner

Yoav Hirsh, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Yoav Hirsh


Yona Goshen-Gottstein, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Yona Goshen-Gottstein


Eyal D. Mamo, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Eyal D. Mamo


Dror Savransky, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Dror Savransky


Israel Attar, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Israel Attar


Tal Mayshar, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Tal Mayshar


Hila Peleg, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Hila Peleg


Avi Sheferman, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Avi Sheferman


Amir Goddard, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Amir Goddard


Uri Rosenberg, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Uri Rosenberg


Daniel Sekel, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Daniel Sekel


Uri Sorek, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Uri Sorek


Efrat Hozeh-Azrad, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Efrat Hozeh-Azrad


Ran Shalom, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Ran Shalom


Ishai N. Itsikovich, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Ishai N. Itsikovich


Galit Fleisher-Abrahamy, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Galit Fleisher-Abrahamy


Iris Cibulski-Havilio, Of Counsel, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Iris Cibulski-Havilio

Of Counsel

shirel gutman-amira, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

shirel gutman-amira


eyal sharon, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

eyal sharon


Kira Lerner, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Kira Lerner


Eddie Ashkenazi, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Eddie Ashkenazi


Yonatan Kehat, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Yonatan Kehat


Einat Cherki, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Einat Cherki


Gilli Brooks Varon, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Gilli Brooks Varon


Moran Aumann, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Moran Aumann


Zeev Gutreich, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Zeev Gutreich


Ran Felder, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Ran Felder


Noa Willinger, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Noa Willinger


Eliyahu Dahan, Partner, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

Eliyahu Dahan


About Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co.

With leading and significant clients from Israel's business and economic leadership, a carefully selected legal team, and a wide range of areas of expertise, Agmon & Co. Rosenberg Hacohen & Co. is one of the most prominent and esteemed members of Israel's legal and business community. The Firm's departments enjoy an outstanding reputation and are regularly ranked at the top of Israeli and international rankings, based on counseling for large-scale complex financial portfolios, which are often unprecedented in their fields. In this context, the Firm was awarded the "Israeli Firm of the Year" title for 2018 by the prestigious "International Financial Law Review" guide. In recent years, the Firm has witnessed significant growth, with the addition of leading departments in commercial and other fields. The Firm now has over 100 advocates practicing in Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Be'er Sheva, and Sydney, Australia.

Areas of Specialization

Litigation:  The Firm’s litigation department is one of the largest and most experienced in Israel, providing counsel on  the most complex and sensitive cases tried in Israel. The department was founded 35 years ago by Zvi Agmon, one of Israel’s most respected litigators. The department handles various proceedings, including representation of defendants in motions to approve a class action, derivative claims, administrative proceedings, regulatory and legislative proceedings, shareholder disputes, and commercial-contractual disputes, counseling clients from various sectors, such as communications, energy, banking, insurance, aviation and more.

Securities and Capital Markets: The department is among the most diversified and active in Israel. The Firm has extensive experience advising on securities and capital market issues to the most significant public companies in Israel, taking part in hundreds of issues and complex transactions, including precedent-setting and breakthrough transactions.

Planning and Construction: the business community recognizes the department as one of Israel’s leading and most professional departments. The Firm counsels clients at every stage of their real estate project, from the purchase of the land, through planning and rezoning of the land, on to construction, development, and marketing of the project, and any appearance required before the planning and building committees, the appeals committees, and before the Court for Administrative Affairs and the Supreme Court.

Energy: The Firm is Israel’s leading law firm in the energy field and has been involved in almost all major oil and gas projects in Israel. The Firm’s services include inter alia, establishing joint ventures for exploration and production projects, financing and securitization of oil and gas assets, agreements for the sale and purchase of natural gas, and more. In addition, the Firm represents its clients in this field before the regulatory authorities and in civil and administrative litigation.

Competition Law: The department represents its clients before the Competition Authority in hearings and petitions on various matters relating to all aspects of competition law, including merger approvals, procedures relating to the classification of a company as a monopoly, as part of a concentration group, and more. In addition, the legal team advises its clients in the framework of criminal investigations and represents parties charged with antitrust offenses before the tribunal for competition and before other courts. The department counsels various companies in the framework of significant legislative processes in competition law, including the Concentration Law, the Food Law, and the Law for the Promotion of Competition in Banking.

Real Estate: besides aspects of planning and construction, the Firm provides a full range of legal services required in the field of real estate (projects, transactions, and urban renewal), both in the residential and income-producing real estate sectors, public institutions, organizations, public bodies, government corporations, banks, theaters, cultural centers, hospitals, schools, and colleges.

Finance and Banking: The department has extensive and exceptional experience with Israeli and foreign banks, credit card companies, insurance and communications companies, oil and gas corporations, real estate developers, investors, and many others. In addition, the department has unique expertise in project finance, mainly in the oil and gas sector, and with the International Swaps and Derivatives Association (“ISDA”) and other international bodies.

Class Actions: The Firm bears special status as Israel’s leading law firm in class actions and offers a leading team of lawyers in this field, supported by the Firm’s vast experience and impressive record of success in representing respondents in requests to approve claims as class actions. To date, the Firm has represented over 1,000 applications to approve claims as class actions.

Administrative Law: The Firm’s extensive experience is reflected in its extraordinary achievements in filing petitions with the Supreme Court and appearances before administrative courts, appeals committees, planning committees, and representing clients in disputes with various government ministries and local authorities.

Mergers and Acquisitions: The Firm plays a prominent role in advising the most significant transactions in the Israeli economy. The nature of its local and international clients, many of whom hold various subsidiaries or deal with a wide range of activities, is fertile ground for large-scale transactions involving significant acquisitions or mergers.

Electricity and Renewable Energy: The Firm’s extensive experience in counseling clients in promoting projects in the field of renewable energies, including its involvement in Israel’s first projects for electricity generation with photovoltaic technology. The Firm counsels Israel’s leading electricity and renewable energy companies on regulation, planning, construction, financing, real estate, commercial law, competition law, and the capital market.

Commercial Law: The Commercial Division advises the Firm’s clients in all aspects of their ongoing business activities, including complex investment transactions, local and international mergers and acquisitions, public and private placements, in Israel and abroad, forming investment funds, corporate governance, and controls, due diligence, financing agreements, enforcement plans, structural changes and reorganizations, compensation of officers and enforcement programs for employees, representation vis-à-vis regulators and more.

Hi-Tech and Technology: The department specializes in representing and supporting private and public hi-tech companies, established and start-ups throughout their life cycle, from initial operations through complicated rounds of financing to the exit stage. The department also specializes in providing support to clients and suppliers in acquiring and assimilating computer and information systems projects and consulting in databases, “Big Data,” business intelligence, and protection. The department’s lawyers offer a vibrant and profound technological background, which adds significant added value to clients because of their ability to integrate their technological and legal know-how.

Regulation and Enforcement Plans: The department assists the Firm’s clients in strengthening corporate compliance and regulation to improve the ability to comply with all regulatory directives and requirements applicable to its areas of business activity. The department also assists international corporations in ensuring that their business activity in Israel complies with local regulatory requirements.

Health: The Firm counsels hospitals, universities, and research bodies on their various commercial needs, including technology implementation, BIG DATA, intellectual property commercialization, patent advice, and licensing agreements. These agreements embody the many areas of expertise of the Firm’s legal team in various sectors, such as biotech, cleantech, and pharmaceuticals.

Insolvency: The department represents companies, creditors, and debtors in all aspects relating to recovery and liquidation proceedings and insolvency proceedings. The practice requires a combination of proficiency in a precise legal discipline and control of various civil-commercial law fields, alongside economic understanding. The department works in close cooperation with the various other departments of the Firm, such as commercial law, banking, hi-tech, real estate, labor departments.

Environment: The Firm counsels on various issues related to environmental law, such as individual support for projects related to waste recycling, energy production from alternative fuel sources, Israel Railways’ national electricity program, and ongoing legal counsel regarding environmental aspects related to planning and construction. Business licensing procedures and other areas.

Labor and Employment Law: Our Firm provides consulting and support services to its clients on a variety of labor relations, labor law and employee-employer issues. These areas are the foundation of any company. The Firm deals with various aspects of labor law and has been involved over the years in some of the most complicated collective issues in Israel.

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