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Founding Year 1960
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Nadav Grinshpon, Chairman, Africa Israel Residences Ltd.

Nadav Grinshpon


Oren Hod, Chief Executive Officer, Africa Israel Residences Ltd.

Oren Hod

Chief Executive Officer


Since the Company's 2006 transformation into a public company, Africa Israel Residences has led the Israeli residential real estate market.

Other Senior Executives

Micha Klein

Deputy Chief Executive Officer

Aharon Frenkel

Chief Financial Officer

David Socket

Vice President – Planning

Tal Falb

Vice President – Engineering

Dan Gingis

Vice President – Marketing and Sales

Assaf Simon

Chief Executive Officer – Africa Urban Renewal

The Company is involved in all stages of residential projects, beginning with the acquisition of the real estate, through to planning, development, public areas development, marketing, sales, and population.
Africa Israel Residences has changed the face of Israel’s housing culture with the creation of its “Savionim” brand, which incorporates residential neighborhoods throughout the country, designed in a “neighborhood that is a city” format. The “Savionim” neighborhoods offer sophisticated community services and a high-level environmental development, providing their residents’ security, peace of mind, and a safe and worthwhile acquisition. Thus, the neighborhoods quality population and ensure long-term property values.
Over time, the Company has combined focused management and sound financial conduct with a large-scale, high-quality pipeline of projects.

The “Savionim” Brand

The “Savionim” brand, which is the house brand of Africa Israel Residences, was born out of the understanding that the customer is not only looking for a beautiful home at an attractive price, but also added value in the form of quality of life and splendid residential experience. The “Savionim” brand is based on the Company’s efforts to build modern neighborhoods, carefully designed to provide their residents with the highest quality of life, security, and peace of mind – not just another isolated building, but neighborhoods with broad public areas, allowing access to community services within walking distance, quality population and spacious and safe parks for children to play.

The Company’s “Savionim” neighborhoods are synonymous with quality of life for the residents and quality construction at the highest and most precise standards, with attention paid to every detail. As such, they are still perceived as a factor that, inter alia, has left a mark of change in several cities in the Ono Valley area, the most prominent of which being the more senior neighborhoods of Neve Savion, Or Yehuda and Yehud’s Kiryat Ha’Savionim.

Current and Future Projects

Africa Israel Residences has several projects in the design and construction stages, with some 3,400 apartments involved, throughout the country (some of which with partners). Of said, the Company is now building and marketing over 2,400 units. During the past year, the Company continued to focus on a mix of apartments that it markets, along with marketing in high-demand areas such as Harish, Kfar Yona, and Givat Shmuel. Recent projects include Savion City Towers in Netanya, Savyonei Ha’Sharon in Kfar Yona, Savoynei Givat Shmuel, and more, along with the marketing of the Government’s Mehir Le’Mishtaken (price to buyer project) in Herzliya and Shoham, and its entry into income-generating real estate projects through investments in projects designated for commercial and office use.

While establishing the “Savionim” brand and according to market trends, the Company is expanding its products base by locating new niches for development and investment, such as through a Mehir Le’Mishtaken project in Herzliya’s Galil Yam neighborhood, in Rishon Le’Zion, in Shoham, and Ness Ziona, and a long-term rental project in Herzliya’s Savyonei Glil Yam, and the acquisition of real estate for another rental project in Shoham.

In addition, the Company is now working through its “Africa Urban Renewal” subsidiary and its “Savyonei Ha’ir” brand in the urban renewal field, through its “Luxury Collection” that consolidates the Company’s most luxurious projects, among them two remarkable projects in the heart of Jerusalem – Ha’Nevi’im Court and Savion View.

Subject to its business strategy, the Company continually strives to identify new real estate reserves to build new neighborhoods and expand its operations and will keep doing so.

Africa Urban Renewal

Africa Israel Residences has full ownership of its Africa Urban Renewal subsidiary. This company specializes in promoting demolition and reconstruction and TAMA 38/2 projects (demolition and reconstruction/evacuation/construction/partial sale combinations, utilization of existing building rights and including rights under TAMA 38, as amended).

Africa Urban Renewal leads the field of renewal thanks to its vast experience and professional knowledge. The scope of projects being carried out by the company is among the highest in the Israeli market. The company has extensive professional expertise in a wide range of fields, including financing, licensing, engineering and construction, vast financial resources, and high-quality human capital. All this, besides a residents’ service department that is involved with the residents of the project, from its early beginnings, and until after the actual occupancy stage. The company is now marketing 10 TAMA projects and its first demolition and construction project in Netanya. In total, the company is now promoting over 40 projects, in Netanya, Herzliya, Jerusalem, Ramat Gan, Givatayim, Tel Aviv and Be’er Sheva, of which six projects have already been populated.

Sources of Success

Africa Israel Residences is chosen year after year by the Geocartography public opinion survey and by various other factors as Israel’s best and most reliable construction company, this because of its size and expertise that provide it the advantages it needs to operate in a competitive environment.

The Company enjoys financial strength and high liquidity and owns many projects and real estate reserves in high-demand areas and has a skilled and professional team of employees dedicated to quality, innovation, and creativity in all areas, such as marketing, planning and engineering, and who are committed to the success of the Company and its customers.

Contribution to the Community

The Company is part of the community in the neighborhoods and cities in which it builds and works to promote activities for the public good.

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