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Adi Chen, Adv Founder and Owner, Adi Chen, Law Office and Mediation

Adi Chen

Adv Founder and Owner

About Adi Chen, Law Office and Mediation

The Firm, originally established in 2006 by Adi Chen is ranked as one of Israel's leading boutique law firms in family law, wills, inheritances, and estates. Among its clients private and public senior figures in the Israeli economy.

Legal, Academic, Public, and Media Careers
Adv. Chen holds an LL. M (Cum Laude) from Bar Ilan University, specializes in family, inheritance, and private international law and has been practicing law for the past 24 years. She has also been a lecturer at academic institutions for 22 years (at the University of Haifa; where she taught family courses, financial relations, property between spouses, and wills and inheritance law), and also lectures at the Professional Development Institute of the Israel Bar Association, in government institutions and conferences.
Adv. Chen is interviewed by the media and publishes opinion pieces, legal status reviews, and academic articles in her areas of expertise in prestigious journals in Israel and abroad. Her research and articles have been cited and led to a change in the ruling approach in Israel. Following an article on the recognition of civil divorces of Jews who have no affiliation with Israel, the Jerusalem District Court overturned a previous ruling and adopted the approach expressed by Adv. Adi Chen in the article. In 2012, she served as a visiting researcher at the Institute of Comparative Law in Lausanne, Switzerland.
Adv. Adi Chen is involved in family and inheritance legislative proceedings. She is a member of the legislative team of the National Family Forum of the Israel Bar Association, which handles the amendment and renewal of legislation and its adaptation to current needs (such as treatment and prevention of domestic economic violence), and serves as Chair (Joint) of the Committee for Adoption, Surrogacy, and Foster Care. As part of this activity, Adv. Adi Chen focuses on legal issues and modern social problems, holds seminars and promotes groundbreaking legislation such as surrogacy for single women and same-sex couples, and the right of bereaved parents to postpartum fertilization, as well as changing the presumption of infancy, Child Care Law, protecting the connection between minors and significant figures in their lives, and more.

Areas of Expertise
The Firm offers a wide range of services, from consulting and building a strategy, conducting negotiations, drafting agreements, and ending with legal representation and assistance in all legal instances.
Adv. Adi Chen harnesses for the benefit of her clients her extensive and rich knowledge and academic proficiency, her legal and public experience and the skills she has accumulated over the years. All said afford her a significant advantage in managing the proceedings and in building a legal strategy that is individually and uniquely tailored to each client and the facts of the case.
Wills, Inheritances, and International Estates – The Firm handles complex inheritance disputes, inheritance planning, intergenerational transfers, the drafting of wills, protection of wills that are requested to be kept, objections to wills in cases of defects in the will (formal and/or material such as lack of mental capacity of the deceased, unfair influence), claims against the estate, claims against heirs, administration of the estate, collection of estate assets, representation in claims to receive the survivors’ pension and more.
Building upon her academic and research work in Israel and abroad, Adv. Chen has developed close working relationships with scholars and experts in foreign law, in Israel and abroad.
Adv. Adi Chen provides legal opinions in wills and inheritances.
Family Law – Adv. Chen has many years of expertise and skill in building a strategy, planning and handling various and complex family disputes in all their aspects and stages. Joint parenting agreements, representation in mediation or cooperative divorce proceedings, and in handling and representing in all judicial instances in complex divorce battles, including international divorce disputes (alimony and treatment of economic and mental and physical violence in the family, determination of children’s temporary residence, custody of children, division of property, paternity claims, judicial parenting orders because of overseas surrogacy proceedings and claims of grandparents for contact with their grandchildren.
Continuous Power of Attorney and Letter of Expression Documents – Adv. Adi Chen has been trained to prepare continuous power of attorney to appoint a power of attorney in medical matters, personal matters, including welfare and property matters, for situations where the attorney for the continuing power of attorney cannot decide for himself. Adv. Chen is authorized to prepare expression documents in which a substitute guardian is appointed for a minor or adult when the guardian is in a position where he cannot take care of himself and others and cannot decide for himself and others (situations after accident, surgery, etc.).
Family Mediation and Divorce – Adv. Adi Chen is also a family mediator and is authorized to represent in divorce proceedings.

Community Involvement
Adv. Adi Chen is involved in volunteer activities. She is best known for her intensive activities and influence on legislative procedures in the family field.
In 2016, Adv. Adi Chen established the Family Affairs Clinic, which operates at the Sha’arei Mada U’Mishpat Academic Center in Hod Hasharon, which she manages. The clinic provides initial legal assistance, without charge, through law students. In complex cases, the clinic takes part in legal battles and conducts proceedings on behalf of those in need.
Adv. Adi Chen also serves as a mentor volunteer, accompanying and advising young lawyers at the beginning of their careers. She is also a partner in the Pro-Bono Project of the Israel Bar Association.

Adv. Adi Chen’s Vision
“I believe in the personal good of my clients with an emphasis on their long-term needs and interests. In inheritance disputes, the Firm will act with full determination, thoroughness and skill to achieve the correct legal and factual result. In family disputes, the best interests of the children are paramount and ending the dispute with fair agreements is a first and essential goal. However, if the Firm’s clients do not receive fair treatment from the other side, the courts are required to use the legal tools to obtain the legal rights, and this too will be done with complete determination, thoroughness and skill and adherence to the goal.
Along with the professional service I provide my clients, each receives personal attention and close accompaniment with complete sensitivity and discretion.
I believe in the importance and power of giving and my ability to harness others to give. For years, I have been involved in community activities in various settings, such as my activities to promote legislative amendments in various fields, especially in family issues, wills and inheritances, guardianship, surrogacy, and more. I focus my public work on protecting human rights and promoting the values of justice and equality. I am motivated, goal-oriented and work to fulfill a just and better future. In this activity, I contribute my part to society, and I do so with great joy and love”.

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