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Founding Year 2006
Address 2 Hamenofim St., corner of 11 Hasadna'ot, Herzliya Pituach - View Map
Phone 09-9718900
Fax 09-9718910
Email [email protected]
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Zahi Arbov, Chairman, Acro Real Estate

Zahi Arbov


Ilan Kapon, Partner, Acro Real Estate

Ilan Kapon


Shmulik Siman-Tov, Chief Financial Officer, Acro Real Estate

Shmulik Siman-Tov

Chief Financial Officer

Amir Malach, VP Engineering, Acro Real Estate

Amir Malach

VP Engineering

Ziv Yacoby, Advocate, Chief Executive Officer and Partner, Acro Real Estate

Ziv Yacoby, Advocate

Chief Executive Officer and Partner

Vered Lazar Arbiv, Adv Legal Counsel VP, Acro Real Estate

Vered Lazar Arbiv

Adv Legal Counsel VP

Erez Gil, Chief Executive Officer for International Business, Acro Real Estate

Erez Gil

Chief Executive Officer for International Business

Michal Zada, VP Properties, Acro Real Estate

Michal Zada

VP Properties

Gidi Mozes, Manager - Urban Renewal Division, Acro Real Estate

Gidi Mozes

Manager - Urban Renewal Division


Acro Real Estate is one of Israel's leading real estate companies, specializing in locating attractive in-demand areas and enhancing them through branding and differentiation of project execution, ensuring asset value increases. Acro has initiated and built a wide range of prestigious residential, commercial, office, and hotel projects, ranging from classic buildings through preservation and reconstruction projects and residential neighborhoods, through to innovative towers, in Tel Aviv and surrounding areas, as well as in-demand areas in the US. The company's shareholders include Phoenix Insurance Company, which provides the company with strong economic backing and financial stability.

Acro’s Vision – Acro aims to further its position at the top of the real estate and entrepreneurship sector by adhering to high standards of planning, management, and execution of every project, anywhere in the country or abroad.
Management – Acro has enjoyed growth and success over the years thanks to an integral, experienced and professional team in the fields of finance, law, engineering, planning, design, construction, development, and marketing, operating in perfect synergy, to maximize the potential of each project.

Projects in Israel
• The Da Vinci Project – offers two spectacular residential towers on the corner of Kaplan and Da Vinci Streets, that together offer 400 apartments, and a commercial building and office space of 30,000 square meters in an innovative building.
• GOLF – In the heart of the Neot Afeka neighborhood lies the mythological Kitan-Golf complex, covering over 20 dunams. Acro is building a residential complex alongside commercial and office buildings. The project will offer 200 apartments across four residential towers.
• 17 Rothschild – a prestigious 20-story residential tower with 64 luxury apartments as part of a complex that incorporates preservation and reconstruction buildings as well as office space alongside a residential tower.
• Gymnasium Tower – In the more senior and quiet north of Tel Aviv and next to the Herzliya Gymnasium. This project offers 30 stories and 108 apartments with a unique and prestigious design.
• Tel Aviv Cinema – A magnificent complex in the area that formerly housed the Tel Aviv Cinema. The project covers two dunams and offers 36 Bauhaus-style apartments and commercial space.
• ORO – At the highest point in Jaffa and near the entrance to the renewed port, a 12-story building with 53 apartments. The entire building is a golden work of art, providing its residents with a living experience that combines luxury and quality of life in a modern, well-designed environment.
• NOYA – a residential and commercial complex of 131 apartments across six apartment buildings, and four commercial buildings.
• ALPHA TLV – a residential and hotel tower now under construction in the Yitzhak Sadeh complex. The building reaches 32 stories – in the lower part, a business hotel offering 200 rooms and in the upper section, 120 apartments of various sizes.
• Florentine Village – a unique residential project on the eastern section of the vibrant Florentine neighborhood. The project will offer 170 apartments. Alongside the residential project, the “Aliyah Market” structure is planned to become a unique urban country club.
• ACRO VIEW Project – Acro Real Estate has built an 11-story residential building with 31 apartments overlooking the sea in northern Tel Aviv’s “Gush HaGadol.”
• Sea View – an innovative business center on the western edge of the Herzliya Pituach Industrial Zone. The project includes two identical buildings with a modern and unique design and offers 16,000 square meters of office and commercial space. Acro’s head offices are on the top floor.
• Sea View 2 – a new, vibrant 16,000 square meter business center, featuring an eight-story commercial and office building.
• One Tower – in the Ramat Gan Stock Exchange complex on Abba Hillel Street, Acro is building a magnificent 34-story office tower covering over 36,000 square meters. The tower will also include a commercial floor.
• Microsoft Campus – In the southern part of the Herzliya Industrial Zone, covering an area of 10-dunams, Acro is building a ten story 45,000 square meters complex that is fully leased to Microsoft.
• Acro Tower – a modern and well-designed office and commercial tower that spans 31 stories. At its feet will be a 20-dunam park. The complex is centrally and strategically located at the corner of Yitzhak Sadeh and Hamasger.
• Tel Aviv Towers – In Tel Aviv’s Nahalat Yitzhak neighborhood – a project that includes two luxurious towers of modern and innovative design, each reaching to a height of 34 stories each, offering 240 apartments.
• TOWER “A” – in the heart of the industrial and hi-tech area of Ra’anana, Acro built an 11-story office and commercial tower, which is designed for a variety of uses and professions. The tower’s tenants will enjoy its advanced and elite architecture, which offers 1,000 square meters of commercial space.
• Leumi Tower – At the corner of Tel Aviv’s Yehuda Halevi and Herzl Streets, Acro will build a 40-story tower. The tower will include residential, commercial, and office space, with a perfect blend of modernity and architectural prestige.
• Acro Tiber Campus – In the heart of Petah Tikva’s Kiryat Arie industrial Zone and on a 50-dunam plot, Acro will build a unique and advanced office complex.
• Wisotsky – The prestigious 6 Wisotsky residential project, which will be built in the classic and magical Tel Aviv neighborhood of Shikun Tzameret. The project will offer two 15-story buildings each with a variety of apartments of a particularly high standard.
• Prazon – In the Yad Eliyahu neighborhood in the developing area of el Aviv, four designed buildings of eight stories each, alongside a shady and green garden
• Acro Business Campus – currently located in the MY ONO district – the new entertainment and commercial district of Kiryat Ono, with three prestigious office buildings covering 13.5 dunams. The project offers 45,000 square meters of office and work areas and 4,500 square meters of commercial, recreational, and leisure areas.
• YARD – The YARD TEL-AVIV residential complex in the renewed Neve Sharet neighborhood, adjacent to Kiryat Atidim and Ramat Ha’Hayal. The project offers two 25-story towers and two 8-story buildings, including a large and well-invested YARD., with 370 apartments alongside 800 square meters of commercial space on the ground floor.
• Bart – the new residential complex of Ramat Aviv Ha’Yeruka, with three boutique buildings of 5 stories each, all designed by Gidi Bar-Orian, a renowned architect.

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