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Founding Year 1925
Address 103 Medinat Hayehudim St., P.O.B. 337, Herzliya - View Map
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Giora Ackerstein, President, Ackerstein Industries Ltd.

Giora Ackerstein


Zvika Ackerstein, Chairman of the Board, Ackerstein Industries Ltd.

Zvika Ackerstein

Chairman of the Board

Dudi Zveda, CEO, Ackerstein Industries Ltd.

Dudi Zveda



Ackerstein Industries, founded in 1925 by the Late Zvi Ackerstein, is Israel's largest supplier of environmental design, construction and infrastructure products. Ackerstein Industries has factories in Yeruham, Ashdod and Rosh Pina, and also owns two factories in the United States, that manufacture environmental design products for the US market. Ackerstein Industries employs some 600 employees, including a team of engineers and architects, that constantly strive to develop innovative and unique products, using the most advanced technology available. Thanks to its talented staff and the use of advanced technologies, Ackerstein Industries can now offer construction solutions of the highest quality while maintaining a competitive price and meeting project deadlines.

Ackerstein sells to institutions, contractors, and individuals. The nationwide distribution of the Company’s plants in Israel, allows for swift and quality service, at the highest level.

Innovation. That’s Also Ackerstein.
Ackerstein believes in quality and innovation and embedding these values in all operations. Building on its more than 90 years of experience, the Company can provide unique solutions with uncompromising quality, for complex and extraordinary projects – both above and below ground. Thanks to its huge product range, the Company can address extraordinary planning and architectural requirements and effect ambitious and large-scale projects. The Company’s products excel in their quality and design and are offered to customers in a variety of shapes, colors, and finishes.

All Ackerstein manufacturing processes are automated and comply with the highest Israeli and international standards. Out of a desire to innovate and achieve outstanding quality, while protecting the environment, the Company invests considerable resources in development and research. This investment allows it to improve its current products range and to break new ground with new products.

The Company’s Activities
Civil Engineering and Infrastructure
As a leader in the infrastructure field, Ackerstein leads the market forward by developing advanced industrialized products, both for above and below ground use. The Company provides advanced engineering solutions, thus providing the user unprecedented precision and quality, all the while protecting the environment.
Ackerstein produces sealed piping systems mainly used for drainage and sewage systems. The importance of these systems lies in their high level of impermeability; preventing fluids exiting the pipe and water and sand seeping into the pipe. Ackerstein is among the few companies in Israel that manufacture pipe with HDP or PVC sleeves. These pipes are used to protect the concrete, mainly in large diameter sewage lines. In addition, the Company produces jacking pipes in different diameters for various requirements.
Over the last few years, Ackerstein has developed one of Israel’s most advanced manufacturing lines for the construction of modular construction units. This line produces fully accessorized prefabricated units while ensuring insulation that saves energy, which helps environment and lowers operational costs. These units provide prefabricated structure solutions, tailored to the customer’s unique needs in the areas of paving stones, tiles,, cladding, step stones, curb stones, garden stones including garden furniture

Landscape Design
Ackerstein is a leader in development and innovation in the field of landscape development products. Almost every step taken on a sidewalk or walkway in Israel is on Ackerstein’s interlocking paving stones. Ackerstein is a leader in the paving field, in Israel and worldwide, with a wide variety of products in various colors and textures.

Retaining and Acoustic Walls
Ackerstein has collaborated with the world’s leading companies to develop a unique line of advanced retaining and acoustic walls. Its unique product line focuses on special solutions using noise absorbing aggregates in acoustic walls and advanced ground -reinforcing systems in retaining walls. This technology addresses all engineering requirements and offers durable long-term solutions.

“Silicat” Stones
“Silicat Stones” is a unique product for Ackerstein, and is exclusively manufactured in Israel. “Silicat Stones” are among the first construction products used to build Tel Aviv, and they can still be seen today throughout the city. “Silicat Stones” unique characteristics are what make them one of the best building products available on the market. Moreover, Ackerstein has registered unique patents for industrial as well as for private construction projects, using “Silicat Stones”.

Architectural Concrete
In line with the Company’s strategy of identifying new trends in the construction industry, Ackerstein has developed a line of architectural concrete products – the only line of its type in Israel and one of the most interesting technologies available today. The broad range of products and customization of products for specific needs and projects – from environmental development through to office buildings and luxury residential buildings – allows Ackerstein to realize the vast potential of architectural concrete including the UHPC – thin and lightweight architectural concrete based on our exclusive knowledge for cladding and fronts. The series is suitable to office buildings. Exclusive residential, stores, hotels, and environmental projects and allows Ackerstein to realize the vast potential of the architectural concrete.

In 1986, Ackerstein began the production of shingles and now is the only company in Israel producing multicolored concrete tiles and a wide range of roof assembly solutions. The tiles are manufactured using a special technique that produces very high-density concrete, resulting in highly resistant tiles that can withstand extreme weather conditions. Millions of square meters of roofs, that have successfully lasted over time, are the Company’s quality certificate.

Innovation and Quality Across the Sea. This is also Ackerstein.
Acker-Stone – Southern California
In 1989, Ackerstein opened its new Southern California plant. The plant supplies paving products throughout California, establishing itself as a leader in its field. The plant’s products are considered prestigious, and are used in leading projects such as Disneyland, Huntington Beach, conference centers and many commercial centers.

Acker-Stone – Phoenix Arizona
The plant was opened in 2009 in Phoenix, Arizona, following on growth in demand for Ackerstein products. This plant is considered one of the most advanced of its kind in the world and specializes in producing flooring and tiles in various arrangements, as well as a range of different elements for supporting walls.
Ackerstein HOME – Quality for Life, Home, and Garden.
In 2015, Ackerstein launched its “Ackerstein HOME” brand, to lead in the design of the ‘outdoor living’ family. The brand offers a unique range of products for garden, home interior, and roof designs – a huge selection of outdoor pavings, concrete facades, concrete architectural tiles, silicate bricks, concrete roof tiles in a variety of hues and roof-complementary elements. In addition, Ackerstein HOME also offers complementary products such as curbstones, copings, stairs, railings, concrete garden furniture, etc.

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