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Founding Year 2014
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Omer Belleli, Advocate, Advisor for Criminal Matters, A. ZISMAN SHANI - LAW & MEDIATION - LAW FIRM

Omer Belleli, Advocate

Advisor for Criminal Matters

Sivan Mashiah, Associate, A. ZISMAN SHANI - LAW & MEDIATION - LAW FIRM

Sivan Mashiah


Arthur Shani, Founding Partner, A. ZISMAN SHANI - LAW & MEDIATION - LAW FIRM

Arthur Shani

Founding Partner

Ronit A. Zisman, Founding Partner, A. ZISMAN SHANI - LAW & MEDIATION - LAW FIRM

Ronit A. Zisman

Founding Partner


The Essence of an Outstanding Company: A. Zisman Shani – deals with family law, divorce, inheritance, wealth management, and family asset issues. The Firm is headed by Ronit A. Zisman, Advocate and Mediator, and Arthur Shani, Advocate and Mediator, along with four professionals in family law, divorce, and inheritance. Together they work vigorously and enthusiastically to provide expert responses and appropriate representation before all relevant authorities in personal status and inheritance issues.

The Firm’s uniqueness is incorporated in its motto, which is proudly displayed at the entrance to its offices: “Family Law – For Every Family.” This firm was among the first in the country to realize, that nowadays we no longer have a single acceptable family framework (father, mother, and children). Rather, the founders of the firm reasoned that a family can be expressed in a variety of other styles and make-ups: father and father, mother and mother, with children, without children, one parent, several parents, etc. Aside from this, the Firm has been suited to provide legal services in the field of family law, tailored to each family unit, throughout Israel.

Besides representation at various judicial instances, the Firm offers alternatives to resolving family disputes, outside of the court system. These include measures such as negotiation, mediation, arbitration, and divorce by agreement, using a multidisciplinary team of professionals. These proceedings and deliberations all take place under one roof, of a private mediation center owned by the Firm.

How does the Firm operate?

The Firm’s work plan is based on a practical problem-solving driven model. Incoming clients undergo comprehensive questioning, allowing the legal team to map the client’s legal, financial and psychological needs. During the initial counseling session, the team begins to comprehend the complexities and legal problems in need of resolution, and combines its legal knowledge and expertise with that of other professionals (family caregivers, tax advisors, appraisers, lawyers from other disciplines and more) – so that together the Firm can provide a complete and integrative response.

Firm Values

Availability and Flexibility of Communication: The Firm is committed to continuous and accessible communication with the client. The first stage will be a face-to-face consultation and introductory meeting, followed by communications through digital and online means, such as email, WhatsApp, and Skype, and in-lieu of registered mail and faxes – the Firm uses courier delivery services. The availability and flexibility of communication mediums significantly shorten the time of treatment and allows the parties to be in contact at all times.

Transparency with the clients: In dealing with the legal issues, clients are given a detailed explanation of the legal issues and are offered courses of action, with the pros and cons of each. Once the client has understood and considered the viable courses of action and the relevant legal perspectives, the client still maintains the right to choose their preferred course of action. In addition, order and organization are critical,  and accordingly, the client receives regular updates on all developments.

Thoroughness with legal work and expression of legal Innovation: The Firm emphasizes the academic aspect of its work and accordingly strives to constantly learn more and improve, along with regular monitoring of legal developments in case law and jurisprudence, all to maintain relevance and to provide the most appropriate and contemporary legal response. The legal response is based on the entire picture and includes both theory (legislation, rulings and legal literature) and facts in the field. And thus, the Firm prides itself on contributing to making judgments and precedent decisions regarding family law, divorce, and inheritance.

The Firm’s three main areas of practice:

Family Issues, Divorce, and Separation: The Firm works with its clients during more stressful periods of their lives, addressing a wide range of issues and situations in the family, such as marriage (including civil marriage), breach of marriage promise, divorce, or separation – with or without children, custody disputes, division of family responsibilities, division of property, and resource balance, defamation in the family, sharing the burden of alimony between parents, family tort claims, drawing up family agreements on various issues and more.

At times, the Firm is called upon to provide its best response in particularly complicated legal situations, such as in the case of children with special needs, parental alienation, parenting that is not officially recognized by the authorities or law, and more. Firm furthermore provides representation in other family matters, such as returning abducted children under the Hague Convention, determining guardianship over the body or property of a deceased person, preparing a “continuous power of attorney” and a document expressing a will, or even arranging the status for children of foreign couples living in Israel.

As expressed by the foundational vision upon which Firm rests – of accommodating all ‘family genres’ – the Firm specializes in handling and resolving “special” situations in the family. The Firm’s member’s guiding principle, is that the legal response must be tailored to the individual needs of each client – all in accordance with the personal characteristics, circumstances, and desires, and subject to the required legal provisions and regulations.

Inheritance, Wills, and Estates: The Firm also provides legal services vis-à-vis wills, inheritances, and estates. This includes drafting wills which incroperate clients’ requests and needs, handling inheritance crisis, and distributing bequests, filing for a will or inheritance order, as well as objections to inheritance and objections to the will, in accordance with the provisions of the law.

The Firm believes that when deciding to write a will, one ought to ensure that the party drawing up the will is knowledgeable in inheritance law, but – also know how to handle inheritance disputes and objections to a will. This background will help in identifying problems that may occur, an aid in finding an ideal solution. In this way, the family’s hard-earned transfer of wealth can go forward smoothly.

Family Asset Management, Trusts, and Private Clients: The Firm is also involved in family asset management, which is considered one of the most sensitive and complex legal areas there are. It handles this important area of practice while combining it, when the need arises, with  family law, inheritance, real estate and commercial law.

The Firm addresses the needs of people who are beginning to accumulate or have already accumulated wealth – whether homes, businesses, funds and more – and want to preserve it and pass it on to future generations, properly and efficiently. In doing so, the Firm helps families to plan and manage their assets, investments and trusts, while adhering to law and regulations.

The appropriate management of family assets begins with “prenuptial agreements” and “joint life agreements”, at the various stages of marriage. These agreements also define who will control and who will handle the family assets, in case of any legal dispute or incapacity. With that in mind, one of the tools now available is the “continuous power of attorney” agreement.

When the circumstances require, the Firm will also efficiently represent its clients in legal proceedings related to the family assets (including intellectual property, shares, goodwill, funds, digital currencies, etc). Such issues would be addressed, alongside the handling of asset management, and the inter-generational transfer of family assets, real-estate deals, and other transactions in the family field.

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