A.M.Z. Shemesh 1990 Ltd.

Contracting and Infrastructure Projects


Founding Year 1990
Address P.O.B. 1441, Pardes Hanna Karkur - View Map
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About A.M.Z. Shemesh 1990 Ltd.


Senior Executives

Mahade Abu Muck


Gassan Hajoj

Controller and Chief Financial Officer

A.M.Z. Shemesh (1990) Ltd. (“A.M.Z.”) is one of Israel’s leading and most advanced construction and infrastructure companies. The Company is involved, inter alia, in infrastructure development, road scrapping and resurfacing, sewage and drainage, with a broad range of projects for a variety of private, public and government concerns. The Company holds Contractors Registrar Certification under the 100 – Building, 200 – Roads and Development, 300 – Bridges and 400 – Sewage and Drainage categories. A.M.Z. also holds the C-5 (unlimited) classification for the roads and development industry, a Recognized Contractor’s License for government projects, and the ISO Standard 9001:2015, as accreditation in recognition of the Company’s compliance with the most stringent construction quality criteria. The Company has over 170 employees, and 2020 revenue totaled more than NIS 500 million.

A.M.Z. Shemesh (1990) Ltd. began its operations in 1990. In 2009, the Company was acquired by the Abu Moch Family, which has more than twenty years of experience in the industry. Mr. Abu Moch put together an excellent management team and staff and continued the Company’s growth momentum. Within one year of its acquisition, revenue increased by more than 300%. This growth trend has continued steadily since then, and, as of 2020, turnover totaled more than NIS 500 million.
Since its establishment, the Company has operated according to a business plan that includes goals and aims, while identifying future trends in the Israeli market and leading them, without impairing its control its management processes. Thanks to this policy, the Company continues to fulfill its mission of being one of Israel’s leading companies in its field. Just recently, the Company was awarded many large-scale projects, with significant value.

Professionalism and Quality Performance
A.M.Z. works with many public bodies and entrepreneurs. The Company’s extensive experience, adherence to the most stringent standards and compliance with deadlines, allows it to execute its projects most efficiently, with the highest level of quality. The Company employs highly experienced engineers and staff who have extensive expertise and experience in executing any project under technical specifications and various plans. The Company owns modern heavy mechanical equipment, operated by professional operators, which includes, inter alia, advanced equipment unique to Israel for rapid dynamic compaction. The Company’s reputation and its excellent professional personnel, together with its unique construction abilities in a broad range of tangential fields, modern and unique construction equipment, combine to afford it a significant advantage in the Israeli market. The Company is registered in the infrastructure and sewage industry, holding a “non-restricted” classification, and is a recognized contractor for government development, infrastructure, sewage, and drainage projects. All these, in addition to the ISO 9001:2015 quality standard accreditation, constitute an affirmation of the Company’s elevated level of performance and meticulousness.

The Company operates throughout Israel, executing projects for the private, public and government sectors. Among its customers – the Ministry of Defense, Israel Rail, Derech Eretz Highways (Route 6), National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd., (“Netivei Israel”), Local Government Economic Services Ltd., the Ministry of Construction and Housing, Dead Sea Government Preservation Company Ltd., Be’er Sheva Economic Development Corporation, Yaffe Nof Company Ltd., Maniv Rishon Ltd., Hadera Economic Company Ltd., Jerusalem, Tel-Aviv Jaffa, Bat Yam, Ramat Ha’Sharon, Afula, Herzliya, Netanya, and Hadera municipalities, Gihon and Mei Iron water corporations, CPM Management Company, Yoram Gadish Project Management Ltd., Yahel Engineers, and many others. .

Innovation in the World of Infrastructure
In a relatively traditional field of endeavor, the Company chose not to stagnate and now is a pioneer due to adopting and enacting a new method for dynamic compacting. This method has many advantages that facilitate significant reductions in project execution time, electronic control of the compacting process and a more flexible and safer work environment.

Leading Projects:
• Road resurfacing and patching – Northern Region for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 300 million per year.
• Road resurfacing and patching – Northern Region for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 245 million per year.
• Comprehensive maintenance services – Southern Region for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 240 million per year.
• Construction of the Haifa – Nazareth Light Rail Line (intercity) for Trans-Israel Highway Company – scope of NIS 240 million per year.
• Dead Sea Intermediate Area – Road 90 for the Government Company for the Protection of the Dead Sea by M. Brashi Infrastructure Ltd. – scope of NIS 145 million per year.
• Route 65 Afula Mizrahi bypass – for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 135 million per year.
• Route 60 Al-Aruv bypass 55.00-62.7 km for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 133 million per year.
• Chen Interchange – Route 22 for Netivei Israel by Ter Arma Ltd. – scope of NIS 104 million per year.
• Construction of the Sde Teiman Route – Ofakim – 2411 for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 97 million per year.
• Execution of Ein Bokek coastal battery (protection and rehabilitation) – Dead Sea Government Protection Company – scope of NIS 77 million per year.
• Holon Light Rail Line – for NATA – Urban Transportation Routes- scope of NIS 70 million per year.
• Public bus lane – from Ra’anana to Hadar for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 66 million per year.
• Additional lane for Route 444 from the Elad junction for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 62 million per year.
• Route 89 Nahariya for Netivei Israel – scope of NIS 56 million per year.
• Route 444 Nabalat Junction for Netivei Israel.

Values and Vision
Because of its perceptive management, planning, and long-term vision, A.M.Z. enjoys continued and steady growth. The Company’s excellent performance is based on its professionalism and exacting standards, on the use of advanced, modern equipment, on the personnel it nurtures, and the quality service provided to its customers. The Company’s business strategy is built on constant yet moderate growth while maintaining steady profitability. The Company aspires to continue to be the leading company in its field, continuing to maintain an elevated level of execution and a quality reputation, while continuing to expand the scope of its operations.

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