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Founding Year 2005
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The Firm was founded in 2005 by Advocate Danny Wichelewski and is active in a wide range of civil - commercial law issues, with a focus and expertise in real estate, real estate receiverships, corporate issues in all variants, litigation including employment law, collection and execution law, internal audits, etc. The Firm serves large and small entities, local authorities, businesses, and individuals.

The Firm’s Doctrine – Reliability and Client Loyalty
The Firm aims to serve its clients with dedication and loyalty, while maintaining confidentiality. The Firm’s attorneys undergo special training regarding the protection and security of confidential information, thus affording the clients maximum credibility and trust. The result – a series of relationships that creates a real kinship between each client and the firm leading to unique results and satisfaction. The Firm puts maximum emphasis on providing its clients with efficient and professional service.

Danny Wichelewski, Advocate and Notary, Owner, and Founder of the Firm
Advocate Wichelewski is a member of the Israel Bar Association and holds An LL.B and a B.A. in Business Administration with a major in Finance and the Capital Market awarded by the Herzliya Interdisciplinary Center, with academic honors, and an LL.M. from Tel Aviv University. Advocate Wichelewski also serves on various committees of the Israel Bar Association and has completed professional seminars in various legal fields, such as, corporations, real estate, and mediation, offered by the David Rotlevy National Mediation Institute, which is affiliated with the Israel Bar Association.
Advocate Wichelewski also serves as a legal Counsel to several of Israel’s leading companies and non-profit associations, and as an internal auditor of various entities. Additionally, Advocate Wichelewski has been appointed to serve as an arbitrator or mediator, in connection to complex disputes in the areas of his expertise.
The primary areas of the Firm’s practice include real estate, commerce, and litigation, while the ancillary areas of the Firm’s practice include civil issues, contracts, defamation and privacy, copyright, and labor law. Advocate Wichelewski has previous experience as a public servant having worked at the Tel Aviv State Prosecutor’s Office, dealing with taxation and economic issues.

The Firm’s Professional Practice Areas
Real Estate
Real estate is one of the major areas of the Firm, ranging from simple to complex transactions. The Firm counsels building contractors, apartment buyers, apartment sellers, parties wishing to rent or lease properties, the establishment of building and management companies, as well as drafting, preparing and handling the essential contractual documents. The Firm’s staff understands the importance of real estate transactions and strives to ensure that the deal is realized, to the fullest extent possible, and concurrently preventing and confronting any legal, business, contractual or other issues that may arise in connection to the throughout the transaction process or the property at hand.

Urban Renewal
The Firm specializes in legal counsel for commercial and residential construction, urban renewal projects involving building reinforcement and/or the evacuation and eventual reconstruction of buildings, including legal counsel for tenants, and/or contractors and/or developers. The Firm has opened a special division to deal with urban renewal issues, in collaboration with the David Zuchovitzky Law Firm, which provides comprehensive, professional, and efficient legal services in this sector.
Legal counsel is offered at all stages of the project, including the initial examination stage, through considering the official land registration entries, negotiations, up to the drafting of a binding agreement, guarantees, finance, registration, or amendments, all as applicable, and/or necessary.
The Firm has proven experience in real estate issues and provides legal counsel throughout Israel. The Firm has extensive knowledge in all real estate issues, including the representation of local authorities in receiverships and evacuation issues and can address all relevant issues.

Civil and Commercial Litigation
The Firm’s staff is experienced in representing clients at all judicial instances, as applicable. The Firm is engaged in a wide range of civil claims, including financial claims, summary procedure claims, injunctions, seizures, declaratory orders, statements of defense, etc. The Firm deals also with representations, management, and consulting in mediation and arbitration proceedings. The Firm represents large and small organizations, including local authorities, residential complexes, holiday complexes, contractors, developers, private individuals, public and private companies, as well as private individuals.

Real Estate Receiverships
The Firm is a leader in receiverships and represents various authorities and entities in this specific field. The Firm’s advocates are appointed receivers, and the Firm represents creditors in creditors’ arrangements involving receivership execution. The Firm’s clients include private creditors, public bodies, and local authorities.

Collection Issues and Enforcement
The Firm is engaged and is familiar with the area of debt recovery and execution. The Firm enjoys extensive cooperation in this field enabling a complete and quality response to collection issues. The Firm’s extensive experience in this field allows it to serve many clients in the collection field, including local authorities, collection companies, and banks, as well as various entities and private clients.

The Firm is constantly up to date on aspects related to its professional practice as an integral necessary and ongoing part of its work, through appropriate training and regular participation in professional development seminars and courses. The Firm works with the most advanced software in the legal field and legal office management. These programs were adjusted to the specific needs of the Firm and in cooperation with it, to provide the best possible service to the Firm’s clients. These systems are used by the Firm for all professional issues, whatever the client size. The Firm is also connected to various databases – for updates on revisions to laws, rules, temporary provisions, regulations, laws in the first, second and third readings, judgments and so forth.
The Firm hopes to continue to lead in its practice fields and to provide a tailor made, quality and professional service to its clients.

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