Urban Renewal

 ?How we ranked

The process involved various stages: identification of the companies active in the field, meeting the companies, data gathering on the activity of the companies and projects in urban renovation. Urban renovation projects undergo in different stages starting with planning, contracts with home owners, planning committee’s approval, obtaining of construction permits, realization and delivery. The analysis took into account the number of projects undertaken by the company, the project size, the geographical zone, the project stages, etc. Weighting of data included also business information, financial data, risk rating, payment morality, Red Lights, negative information, professional experience and growth potential. This year we rated companies that are active in the TAMA field – TAMA 38/1 and TAMA 38/2 – including companies which have been in the process of being implemented and companies that completed projects in the past year, and separately the ranking of leading companies in PINUI BINUI – Removal and Construction Program. In the list of leading companies in the PINUI BINUI – Removal and Construction Program appear companies that lead projects that are in the process of committee’s approval, permits, realization and completion.
Our aim is to present the leading companies in the field who would be capable to meet the challenges also in the future.