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BdiCode 2016 edition has been published in a period of significant economic uncertainty. The political crisis following England's decision to exit the European Union has further impacted the economic growth of developed countries, which was already weak before this event. Also, a deep recession in other important economies such as Brazil has negatively impacted world economic growth. Current, forecasts of International Organizations expect the world economy to grow by 3.1% in 2016 and 3.4% in 2017. Forecasts for developed countries show a lower rate of growth 1.8%, both for 2016 and 2017. In contrast, Israel's economy is expected to grow by 2.4% and 2.9% in 2016 and 2017 respectively. This year, private consumption has been the leading economic factor as a result of low unemployment rates, an increase in salaries and in the level of employment.

The level of uncertainty in the Israeli economy is, nevertheless, still very high. Main risk factors are: the geopolitical situation with the Palestinians, the possibility that the conflict in Syria will spill over into Israel, a fragile coalition in the Government, dissatisfaction of large social strata that could develop into open protest as a result of the Government inability to reduce the prices of residential dwellings.

BdiCode 2016 edition, the 12th edition to date, ranking leading companies in the market, presents, through the analysis of the business code for business excellence and leadership, the leading companies in the economy, in cross-sectional view (all sectors and branches in the economy), by sectors: holding companies, industry, services, construction, commerce, capital market, law and accounting firms, and by branch cross-section in each sector. BdiCode rankings weigh quantitative and qualitative parameters, such as profitability, turnover, growth rates, payments morality, as well as "Best Companies to Work for". The ranking of "Best Companies to Work For" has brought "investment in human capital" to the top of the agenda amongst managers of leading companies. The ranking's power is reflected, inter alia, in the fact that it makes companies "look into the mirror" to benchmark themselves. Other special rankings are: Senior Citizens Sheltered Housing – companies providing sheltered housing in Israel were ranked by the services provided by them. Another special ranking is the ranking of leading municipalities and local councils in Israel. Every year, much effort is exerted in adding new rankings of important factors in the economy. This year, we have published the leading companies in urban renovation with the aim of providing a list of high quality leading companies in this field. 

BdiCode 2016 is distributed in tens of thousands of copies (Hebrew and English) in Israel and abroad and presents the leading companies in Israel – the backbone of Israel's economy, sector overviews and economic analyses – an essential business tool for examining and becoming familiarized with the economy.

Many companies have decided to appear in this publication with extended profiles. These profiles provide them with the opportunity to describe their activities, products, technologies, position in the market and international relations.

We would like to thank all BdiCode employees who invested major efforts in the preparation of this edition and allowed us to present you with this quality edition.

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