Super-Pharm (Israel) Ltd.

Leon Koffler
Leon Koffler
Chairman of the Board

Super-Pharm is Israel's largest and leading drugstore chain. Established in 1978 by the Koffler Family, the company has grown into a retail chain of 230 stores located throughout the country, with branches in Poland and China, selling an extensive range of pharmaceuticals, health products, vitamins, minerals, cosmetics, toiletries, and baby products. During 2016, Super-Pharm's revenue turnover, including international operations, totaled NIS 5.47 billion. The business success, retail innovation, marketing and advertising methods, structure and operations have made the Super-Pharm model, an example for others to imitate. 

Line of Business
Retail Drugstore Chain

Established in 1978

Setting New Retail Standards – Super-Pharm was built on a chain inspired by SHOPPERS DRUG MART, a leading Canadian drugstore chain, which was founded by Murray Koffler in 1962. Super-Pharm's expertise, professionalism and service culture are the core strengths and uniqueness of the company, which has set new standards in Israel's retaillife and has created a new consumer culture. A shopping experience at Super-Pharm includes clean branches, wide aisles, professional assistance, long opening hours and parking slots. All this in addition to a constant identification of customer needs, adjustment of branches and variety to a changing market, bring some 5 million customers to visit the chain every month. The awareness of Super-Pharm to a changing market is the basis for its ability to maintain its retailleadership position. The company's primary strength is based on its 8,000 employees, which grow with the chain over the years, and receive vocational training at the Koffler Academy, where they are provided with independent management skills to be able to providetheir customers with courteous, efficient and a professional service culture.

International Success – Early in 2000, Super-Pharm took its first steps outside of Israel, based on a belief that the unique concept of the chain would suit the needs of customers in various countries. In 2001, the company opened its first branches in Poland, and now operates 68 branches throughout that country. Annual revenue turnover of the Polish chain during 2016 totaled 770 Million Polish Zlotys. During 2015 Super-Pharm resumed Its operations in China and now operates 9 branches in Beijing.

The Associate System – Super–Pharm's primary assets are its associates and employees. The Associate System, established by Murray Koffler, is a unique franchising system. The Associate – usually a pharmacist – owns the company, which operates the branch, while the property, licenses and financial credits are provided by the central office. The Associate is responsible for operating results, while the company provides corporate expertise, marketing campaigns, trade and financing agreements. The result is the most profitable outcome for both Super-Pharm and its associates.

The Central Office – Super-Pharm's strategy is formulated by the company's Head Office in Herzliya, which provides support and backup for the branches. The Head Office includes departments such as marketing, trade, operations, information technology, assets, human resources, finance, economics, real estate, and administration. The central office has 270 employees.
Super-Pharm Branches – Located in shopping malls, city centers, and neighborhoods, Super-Pharm has an average branchsize of 500 square meters. All branches offer the following departments:
• Pharmacy Dept.: The core of every branch, which dispenses prescription drugs and over-the-counter medicines, to Health Maintenance Organization members as well as to private customers. The company's pharmacists are renowned for their professional know-how, expertise, experience, and service skills.
• Health and Food Supplements: Offers vitamins and minerals, dietary supplements, herbal medicines, natural cosmetics, health foods, alternative medicines, and holistic medical treatments.
• Cosmetics: A wide range of perfumes and beauty products from leading brands, all sold by professional beauty consultants.
• Toiletries: A large section of shelf space is devoted to toiletries, including shampoos, hair softeners, deodorants, shaving products, hair color products and much more.
• Baby Department: All productsand accessories needed for babies and infants.
• Optics Department: Super-Pharm has expanded into the optics field, and now operates three types of departments, with optometrists that offer eye exams at 35 branches. The chain offers reading glasses, sunglasses, lens meters to duplicate eyeglasses, as well as contact lenses and solutions.

Trade and App – During 2017, Super-Pharm launched its Super-Pharm Online, an online trading site where customers can buy from Super-Pharm's range of products, including drugs and leading cosmetic products. Customers can decide whether to collect their purchase at their convenient branch within three hours, or the next day, or even receive their purchase delivered to their home by courier.
Super-Pharm also offers its Super-Pharm app, which is now one of the most popular apps in Israel, with 2.1 million downloads and a half million different users per month. Using the app, customers can keep up with sales, redeem coupons, prepare a shopping list and more.

Life – Super–Pharm was the first company in Israel to launch a private label. Life, which was launchedduring 1994, is a brand for all intents and purposesand offers a range of health and beauty products, including pharmaceuticals, vitamins, nutritional supplements, baby products, and toiletries. All productsare manufactured by leading manufacturers in Israel and worldwide and are noted for high quality, reasonable prices, and innovation.

LifeStyle – During 1997, Super-Pharm became the first company in Israel to launch a customer affinity club, while during 2009, Super-Pharm upgraded its club and launchedits LifeStyle PLUS, a credit card issued with Isracard that can be used as a credit card in Israel and abroad. The club, with its more than 550 thousand customers, also offers benefits at a wide range of merchants such as Issta, Kravitz, Steimatsky, Delek, the Golf Group, McDonald's, Go Active Fitness centers, and Wertheimer.

Super-Pharm and the Community – Super-Pharm believes that a chain active in the community must also give something back. Super-Pharm has initiated activities in hospitals, schools, and various community centers. In addition, the chain has special campaigns for various organizations, and allows its customers to buy certain products with part of the sales proceeds being donated to the charitable organization, such as the Juvenile Diabetes Association (of which Leon Koffler, owner of Super-Pharm is president), the Association of Life Foundation, the Eye Health Association, Variety, Ha'Mifal - Educational Children's Homes, the Association of Rape Crisis Center in Israel and more.

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