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Ari Wechsler
Ari Wechsler
Founding partner
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Ron Berkman
Founding partner
Ofir Bloom
Ofir Bloom
Founding partner

Berkman, Wechsler, Bloom & Co. is one of the leading law firms in Israel in the fields of litigation and real estate. The Firm's staff, headed by Adv. Ron Berkman, Adv. Ari Wechsler and Adv. Ofir Bloom, consolidates the leading and most experienced attorneys in each of these practice areas, demonstrating creative thinking and the highest possible professional quality which have brought the Firm commendable success in the matters handled, a respected place at the top of the list of law firms in Israel and long standing loyalty on the part of its clients. 

Line of Business
Law Firm

Established in 1990

The Firm's activities, both in the field of litigation as well as in the field of real estate, have gained recognition and respect over the past few years from the international and local rating guides, which have ranked, and continue to rank, the Firm as one of the leading law firms in Israel in these areas of practice.

Personally Tailored Comprehensive and Professional Service

In accordance with its philosophy of placing the client at the center, Berkman, Wechsler, Bloom & Co. provides its clients with personal attention at all stages of the judicial proceeding being conducted or the transaction being effected. The service provided by the Firm to its clients is characterized by professionalism, efficiency and speed. In order to guarantee the best results, the Firm assigns the staff to handle the matter for each client personally and for each individual case, taking meticulous account of the skills required and the relevant experience of the attorneys. Each of the matters handled by the Firm is afforded the involvement and supervision of the senior partners.

High Profile Litigation

Leadership, professionalism, excellence, service-oriented – the Berkman, Wechsler, Bloom & Co. Litigation Dept., under the leadership of Adv. Ron Berkman and Adv. Ofir Bloom, specializes in handling complex and large scale high profile litigation cases, in all channels of civil-commercial litigation and is one of the leading firms in Israel in handling and providing representation in cases of this kind.
As such, the Berkman, Wechsler, Bloom & Co. Litigation Dept. has gained enduring recognition and respect both by local rating guides as well as by international rating guides which have ranked the Firm as one of the leading law firms in Israel in the fields of commercial litigation and class action suits. Thus, for example, the Firm's Litigation Dept. has been ranked, over the past few years, as one of the leading firms in these fields (Tier 1), by Dun & Bradstreet (Duns 100) and the BdiCode rating guides.
Among the clients of the Litigation Dept. are public and private organizations, hi-tech companies, banks and financing organizations, cellular communications providers, insurance companies, construction companies, actors in the capital market, securities portfolio management companies and controlling shareholders in companies, partnerships and joint ventures.
These clients enjoy professional legal service and close accompaniment, that combine an in depth understanding of both the business and the legal worlds with expertise in matching the best action strategies to the relevant case in point, to the needs of the client and his business objectives and in finding and formulating creative "out of the box" solutions. In this manner, the successful representation of the Department's clients is facilitated in a broad range of disputes, including defending companies against class action suits, control contests, representation in business and commercial disputes between companies, disputes arising among shareholders and partners, derivative actions and minority oppression claims, restraining orders and temporary relief, handling disputes relating to media and communications, corporations, intellectual property, tender law, insurance, insolvencies, banking law, as well as administrative legal actions and petitions to the Supreme Court, enforcing debentures, realizing pledges, tenders, etc. Furthermore, the Litigation Dept. accompanies partnership disputes and personal status litigation which involve business and commercial aspects to a significant extent.
The Litigation Dept. has accumulated a great deal of experience in handling all aspects of international commercial disputes. The Department represents both foreign plaintiffs and defendants in judicial proceedings being conducted in Israel, including the process of enforcing foreign judgments, international arbitration and assistance to foreign organizations in obtaining temporary and permanent relief against Israeli entities. Similarly, the Department advises international clients who are considering taking legal action in Israel, and local clients who are considering taking legal action in countries overseas, working closely with the law firms representing them outside of Israel.

Complex Real Estate Dealings in Israel and Abroad

The Firm's Real Estate Dept., under the leadership of Adv. Ari Wechsler, the Managing Partner, represents construction companies and leading investors, entrepreneurs, commercial companies and wealthy private individuals in complex and broad scope real estate deals in Israel and worldwide.
The Firm's Real Estate Dept. has gained recognition and esteem over the past few years also on the part of international and local rating guides who ranked the Firm as one of the leading firms in Israel in the field of real estate. Thus, for example, over the past few years, the Legal 500 and D&B and BdiCode rating guides ranked the Firm as being one of the top 10 leading firms in Israel in the field of real estate.
The Real Estate Dept. specializes in handling complex and large scale real estate transactions from the point of view of the financial scope involved. Including – transactions relating to yielding real estate properties, transactions of buying and selling land at various stages of planning, land purchase deals from the Authorities through tenders and the development of such land, residential construction related deals (mainly for luxury buildings), purchase and investment groups, commercial real estate related deals (including malls), combination and cooperative transactions, accompaniment and handling everything related to real estate investment companies in Israel and abroad, etc. The handling of such transactions includes consulting to and accompanying the Firm's clients in all matters relating to the formulation of the transactions from a legal, economic and tax perspective, including the planning and construction aspects, licensing and building processes, drawing up tenders, as well as everything involved in the financing and credit aspects of the transactions, management and investment aspects, development aspects, environmental aspects, etc. The handling of such transactions also includes accompaniment of and consulting to Israeli developers operating in foreign markets, including in transactions effected in the USA and in Canada, in European and East European countries and in Latin American countries.
In addition to the expertise in handling and executing complex real estate transactions as described above, the Real Estate Dept. also specializes in representing clients in disputes and in litigation related to various matters which touch upon the various real estate aspects.

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