Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd.


Company Vision – "Leading all the Way" In 2010, the Government of Israel decided that the Company would lead the "Netivei Israel" plan to bring the periphery closer to the center, by connecting the country with high standard interurban roads and railroad tracks in the north and south. With this decision, the Company changed its name to Netivei Israel and for the first time assumed responsibility for the planning and construction of railroad tracks and stations. Thus, the Company has become the leader in the development and management of Israel's transportation infrastructure. 

Other Senior Executives
Yossi Halevy

Deputy General Manager, Engineering and Development

Yehuda Nathaniel
Deputy General Manager, Operations and Maintenance

Doron Kativ
Deputy General Manager, Contracts and Procurement

Amir Asraf
Deputy General Manager, Finance

Advocate Yaron Zafat
Legal Adviser

Arieh Dahan
Deputy General Manager, Resources, and Administration

Gary Lewinsky
Internal Auditor

Ze'ev Sharoni
Manager, Spokesperson and Community Relations

Advocate Golan Davidi
General Manager's Chief of Staff

Line of Business
Netivei Israel - The National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd. is a Government Company Responsible for the Planning, Development, and Maintenance of Israel's Interurban Road Network and the Development of Railways Network in Israel.


In 2003, the Government of Israel decided to terminate the operations of "Ma'atz" (the Public Works Department), as an Government support unit unit, and to redefine it as a Government company - the National Roads Company.

The "Engineer of the State" tag that was originally given to "Ma'atz", has been integrated into Netivei Israel since it is a leading company in the development and maintenance of the road network in the State of Israel and the body that sets standards in the field of road and rail infrastructure. The Company applies innovative solutions in engineering, supervision, and quality, and is one of the main growth engines of the Israeli economy.
This year, the Company launched its third multi-year plan, now for 2017-2021, involving a planned investment of NIS 51 billion. The program launched consists of many roads, interchanges, dedicated public transport lanes and new railways, all to promote and improve the quality of life of road users and efficient mass transit throughout the country.

Road users are an important part of the Company's reason for existence. The Company's commitment to them is reflected in a wide range of aspects - responsibility for a safe and efficient road and rail network, efficient traffic management, cooperation to increase road safety, safety "black spots" treatment, technological innovation, and transparency.


The Company, which has championed the vision of "Leading all the Way", is committed to be managed in an ethical manner, and according to the norms of corporate responsibility, both in its all operations and vis-?-vis all  stakeholders, based on a concept of a sustainable and advanced living environment in all its fields of operations.
The values defined in the Company's Code of Ethics guide it in the proper manner of conduct of Company employees and managers in their day-to-day activities and decision-making processes.

Work Environment

Netivei Israel cultivates its human resources and focuses on its employees personal and professional welfare and advancement so that its employees can fulfill their tasks. The recruitment process started by the Human Resources Division includes meticulous screening that ensures the recruitment of professional and quality employees while maximizing their compliance with their duties.

The Company believes that its human capital is its main resource and therefore attaches foremost importance to the development and growth within the Company. The Company strives to foster a supportive working environment and a collaborative organizational culture, out of a commitment to preserving human dignity and equality of opportunity. The Company carries out this by creating a work place that invests in personal and professional development, health, and quality of life by ensuring a lively dialogue within the Company to promote the values of openness, transparency and caring.

Employee rights – employee rights are anchored in a collective agreement and constitute a central part of the work environment. In this regard, attention is paid to the fairness of wages and working conditions, transparency, performance evaluation according to fixed measures, and giving feedback on employee functioning, labor relations in their broadest sense as well as employment diversity, accessibility, and equal opportunities without discrimination of gender, religion, and society.

An egalitarian organizational culture – allows Netivei Israel to offer equal opportunities for all employees. The promotion of candidates from within the Company's ranks to management positions is a top priority for the Company and its employment strategy, all based on an career horizon for employees. This advancement is carried out by internal tenders that are advertised within the system. If no suitable candidate is found, the Company publishes a notice of a vacancy at the Company in the various public media.
Work environment - the Company's responsibility also includes the issues that ensure a proper working environment for employees both in physical terms and in terms of creating a proper atmosphere while supporting mutual respect and proper working relations, work and rest times, annual leave, social activities, life skills development, personal empowerment and encouraging sports activity for a healthy body and mind.

Social activities – the Company takes seriously the needs and problems that arise among the employees, even if they are not directly related to the professional and ongoing work situation. The Company offers its employees the tools that will enable them and their families to cope with the challenges at work and beyond. For this purpose, a "social basket" was designed for employees, which includes a variety of financial, physical, and mental health benefits and tools and activities.

Training and organizational development – Netivei Israel holds internal training courses, inviting guest lecturers, and ensures a professional and personal update for its employees, to enable them to be exposed to innovations in their field of activity, to improve their professionalism, thereby helping the Company achieve its goals through three channels of activity:
• The managerial track – managerial skills at the various management levels.
• The professional track – developing courses and workshops at "Netivim College" and taking part in external professional courses at recognized academic institutions.
• The organizational track – ethical code, safe driving, innovation, intra-organizational communication.

Netivim College – The Netivim Center for Road Professions - as part of an aspiration to excellence, the Company fosters a cadre of professional managers. To narrow the gaps in knowledge and enrich its suppliers and employees, the Netivim College was set up in 2006. The College offers specializations and courses in a variety of fields and professions such as road supervisors, quality managers, traffic safety regulations, bridge surveys, signage design, traffic engineering, risk management in infrastructure, expropriation management, emergency management, senior project managers – infrastructure managers, electrification of railway system etc..

The broad professional knowledge it offers to those involved in the following fields - employees, suppliers, and service providers - is managed by knowledge leaders in Israel, most of whom are employees of the Company as well as  knowledge leaders from the business sector and academia.

Values of Environmental Protection and Sustainability

Environmental principles now in effect by Netivei Israel are designed to create transportation systems that are friendly to both road users and the environment. The Company has a considerable influence on the quality and safety of roads and on environmental development. Environmental considerations are expressed throughout all stages of project  life, from its start, already during the first planning process, while analyzing the alternatives, taking into consideration environmental, landscape, soil, noise, and air pollution considerations. At the first planning stage of each project, the positions of the Ministry of Environmental Protection and the various "Green Bodies," the Antiquities Authority, municipalities and regional councils, infrastructure bodies, and other stakeholders are considered. The environmental considerations are diverse and go with the project until its completion. Conclusions and recommendations of impact assessments on the environment are embedded in the planning and implementation documents. In addition, principles of sustainable development, environmental preservation, recycling, etc. are incorporated into the Company's work procedures, general specifications, and planning guidelines, and in the determination of materials that may be used for various purposes. Later, throughout the life of the project, considerations of savings and efficiency in using resources and determining a maintenance policy principle are applied. Finally, the Company's traffic management policy, which helps to reduce road congestion, also helps reduce emissions from vehicles.

Netivei Israel, as a national institution, is of the opinion, that it is imperative to conduct its activities in a manner that will lead to sustainable growth with the intention of ensuring and intensifying its activities for the environment, preserving its resources and balancing current and future needs.

The main layer in the perception of sustainability and corporate responsibility of Netivei Israel is based on a diverse mix of aspects of sustainability in the core of the Company's activity, as well as at all stages of the value chain of the management of the road and rail network in the State of Israel.

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