Netivei Israel – National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd.


"Netivei Israel" is a government-owned company that is responsible for the planning, development and maintenance of Israel's interurban road network as well as railway development. The Company's history goes back to 1921, two decades prior to the establishment of the State, when "Ma'atz" was established as the engineering arm of the British Mandate in Israel. From the establishment of the State and up to 2004, Ma'atz functioned as a unit under the Ministry of Transport. The government then decided to replace it with a government-owned company named "Ma'atz - Israel National Roads Company Ltd." In 2012, following the extension of its mandate, the Company was renamed "Netivei Israel - National Transport Infrastructure Company Ltd". 

 Line of Business
Formulation of strategy, planning, development and maintenance of Israel's transportation infrastructure, roads and railways
Established 1921

After having realized all its objectives as the first government–owned company to operate under a multi–year budget, and after proving the high quality of its work, the Netivei Israel's mandate and authority were expanded. In 2010, the government decided that the Company would lead the "Netivei Israel" plan to bring the periphery closer to the center of the country by building more roads, intersections and railway lines in Israel's north and south. As part of this decision, the Company was also assigned responsibility for the design and construction of railway lines and stations.
Netivei Israel's vision, in a nutshell, is "Leading all the way". The Company connects Israel's farthest points by deploying a safe and efficient rapid transportation network, based on the principle that there is no place in Israel that is too far.
The Company's operating model is based on outsourced personnel along with salaried employees. Netivei Israel is one of the major growth engines of the Israeli economy, and has the greatest impact on the quality and safety of roads as well as on environmental development. In addition, the Company requires the highest standards in terms of road paving and construction, and serves as a role model for the industry.
Netivei Israel regularly monitors, supervises and manages traffic over more than 7,000 km of roads, 1,200 bridges and tunnels and tens of thousands of traffic lights and lighting points. The economic value of the transportation infrastructure under the Company's responsibility is estimated at more than NIS 80 billion.
The Company applies the most advanced innovative solutions in a variety of fields such as planning, contracts, tenders, technology, engineering, inspection, quality assurance, etc. Netivei Israel is the leader in innovative research and development, standardization and work specifications, and works in conjunction with leading research institutes in Israel and the world.

Main Objectives

•  Mapping a national transport strategy for the State of Israel in accordance with the policy of the Ministry of Transport, National Infrastructure and Road Safety.
•  Improving road safety and dealing with risk points, as part of the effort to reduce traffic accidents.
•  Connecting the periphery to the center and improving access to centers of employment.
•  Maintenance of roads according to international standards.
•  Integrating the private sector in financing, planning and implementing projects.
•  Maintaining landscape and environmental values, and integration into the community.
•  Complying with the defined objectives of time, cost and quality.

Major Projects

•  "The Eastern Arm" – expansion of Galilee district roads, including interchange projects, from the Amiad Junction up to the Ha'Tishbi Junction (Roads No. 85,65, and 77) and creating a safe route that is free of traffic lights from the Galilee to the Negev.
•  "Ha'Emek Railway" – laying railway tracks from Haifa to Beit Shean, including five railway stations. 
•  Acco-Carmeil Railway Line – building a new railway line in the Western Galilee, including double tunnels and two railway stations.
•  Route 1 – the Jerusalem - Tel-Aviv highway is one of Israel's most important arteries in terms of transport and strategy. The section of the road between Sha'ar Hagai and the entrance to Jerusalem was paved many years ago, and can no longer handle the heavy traffic loads and congestion. Netivei Israel is upgrading the road, so that travel on Route 1 will be quicker and safer. The Company will maintain the heritage and tourism values alongside the road. The construction work will include new tunnels, bridges, expanded road margins, a third lane in each direction, and new and advanced interchanges.
•  Route 531 – the highway will link the Sharon Valley to Tel-Aviv, along the route between Route 6 (Jaljulia Interchange) to the Sharon Valley cities, to the coastal highway and the Ayalon Highway, which will be extended northwards. The new road will become the central axis of the Sharon Valley and will have 11 interchanges, dozens of bridges and tunnels, a new railway line and two railway stations.
•  Eilat Railway Line – In January 2012, the government of Israel instructed Netivei Israel to construct a rapid railway line between Tel-Aviv and Eilat. The Eilat railway line will reach a maximum speed of up to 240 KPH and will shorten the travel time between Tel-Aviv to Eilat to only two hours. The railway line will be electrified. The project has national and strategic importance, being a rail link between the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea, allowing the passage of goods between South East Asia and Western Europe. The railway from Tel-Aviv to Beer Sheva will cover 260 kilometers, and will include dozens of bridges and tunnels. The railway track will be used by both passenger and cargo trains, with stops at central stations including Dimona, new Timna Airport and Eilat.


Netivei Israel is endeavoring to minimize damage to the environment, while improving the quality of life of local residents with an emphasis on the landscape and scenic views. Each project is undertaken only after an environmental impact survey is conducted, with the goal of optimal integration into the landscape and avoiding any harm to the natural environment. A project is not considered complete until the landscape and vegetation are restored. The Company is also promoting the use of recycled materials in road projects.
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