Shikun & Binui Ltd.

Moshe Lahmani
Moshe Lahmani
Chairman of the Board of Directors
Yaron Krisi
Yaron Krisi
CEO Shikun & Binui
Roni Floch
Roni Floch
Managing Director-Shikun & Binui– S.B.I. Infrastructure Ltd.
Tamir Dagan
Tamir Dagan
CEO Shikun & Binui Real Estate
Momi Tzach
Momi Tzach
Chief Executive Officer ‏Shikun & Binui Environment
Ami Landau
Ami Landau
Chief Executive Officer Concessions Division of Shikun & Binui
Yaron Szilas
Yaron Szilas
Chief Executive Officer Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy
Guy Dvorin
Guy Dvorin
Chief Executive Officer Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development (RED)
Ehud Danoch
Ehud Danoch
Chief Executive Officer Solel Boneh

S&B (S&B) Group, part of the Arison Group is Israel's leading infrastructure and real estate group. Globally active since 1924, S&B currently operates in more than 20 countries located in 4 continents. The group is involved in highly complex and large financial scope mega-projects, for both the private and the public sectors. The group's companies are leaders in their fields, whether regarding road paving and bridge construction, developing and constructing power stations, residential neighborhoods, public and commercial buildings, land improvement and development, real estate sale, or whether pertaining to holding and leasing yielding assets. In addition, the group constructs, finances and operates mega projects in the fields of infrastructure, environment, energy, water purification and desalination, and large scale project development, both in Israel and worldwide. 

Line of Business
Infrastructure, Construction, Real Estate, Concessions, Energy and Water

Established in 1924

The group's total revenues for 2015 were NIS 5.1 billion. S&B's net profit that year was NIS 440 million.

S&B Group adopted the sustainability as a vision: “To be a leading business group that creates a sustainable advanced living environment in Israel and worldwide, for our own sakes and for future generations”. Its actions consider the environmental and the social aspects of every project, in addition to financial considerations. A special emphasis is stressed pertaining to planning and executing each project, in order to sustain the environment and minimize possible damages as a result of construction. The Group embraced advanced sustainable standards, is involved in renewable energy and water projects, and emphasizes transparent conduct while updating stakeholders. Furthermore, S&B voluntarily publishes corporate responsibility reports (in the Group's key active languages: Hebrew, English and Spanish), detailing its performance according to sustainability parameters.

In 2015, S&B was ranked first in the Ma'aleh ranking for corporate responsibility and awarded a platinum ranking, positioning it at the top of the ranking in the construction sector. In 2016 it won “Platinum Plus”. S&B is ranked first in the construction field. S&B was ranked first in BDI's “Best Companies to Work for” in the real estate and construction sectors for 2013-2016.

The Group's Activity Arms

S&B Real Estate is the leading real estate development company in Israel. The company was founded in 1933, (under the name “Shikun Ovdim”), and has since constructed nearly 200,000 residential units in Israel. Its activities include residential projects' development and yielding real estate.

S&B - Solel Boneh Infrastructures, is the Group's contracting-executing arm in Israel. The company was founded in the 1920's. It carries out complex civil engineering projects and serves as a partner for the construction of PPP and BOT projects. Solel Boneh specializes in engineering and construction, roads and infrastructure, bridges and interchanges, ports and chimney construction, underground work, tunneling and smokestacks, constructing plants and geotechnical work. It operates factories for the production of cement, asphalt, and pre-fabricated building elements.

S&B Concessions specializes in the development, financing and execution of PPP (Public-Private Partnership) projects in Israel and worldwide, in the fields of transportation, desalination, water, energy and social infrastructure. The company has been active since 1995.

S&B SBI Infrastructure Ltd. is the Group's international infrastructure arm. The company was founded in 1958 and operates as an executing contractor, partaking in leading projects and executing civil engineer work, including paving roads and building bridges, construction work, water and sewage plants, telecommunications, hydraulic and thermal power stations, quarries and mixture processing factories. SBI headquarters are located in Switzerland. The company's main operations are located in West Africa (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Benin Republic); East Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania) and America (USA, Colombia and Guatemala).

S&B Real Estate Development (RED) is the international real estate development arm of S&B Group Ltd. The company was founded in 2001 and develops real estate in the capitals of Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania and Hungary. The company specializes in the development of residential and non-residential projects, intended for sale and/or lease, as well as holds yielding assets, intended to produce rent revenue and/or improve them by designation change and/or develop other projects under them.

S&B Renewable Energy, is the group's energy arm. Since it was founded, it has been developing, planning, constructing and operating electricity generating facilities in Israel and abroad, based on renewable energy and natural gas.

S&B Environment is the water arm of the group. Founded in 1994, the company develops and implements advanced innovative technologies for water treatment in Israel and worldwide. The company also develops, advises, plans, constructs, operates and maintains plants for treating polluted water and complex industrial sewage and sludge. Shikun & Binui Environment holds Elcon, which treats complex industrial sewage and sludge.

ADO Germany, held by S&B, deals in yielding real estate in Berlin. ADO is a publicly-traded company founded in 1987, which owns approximately 18,000 residential units and commercial assets in Berlin. In 2015, its subsidiary, ADO Properties, was issued at Frankfurt Stock Exchange.

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Shikun & Binui Infrastructure Ltd. (SBI)

Line of Business
Construction, Infrastructure and Development of Civil Engineering Ventures in Israel and Abroad

Established in 1958

Shikun & Binui – SBI Infrastructure Ltd. is Shikun & Binui Group's international infrastructure arm for executing global civil engineering, development and construction projects.

The company was founded in 1958 and operates as an executing contractor, participates in leading projects and handles civil engineer work projects, including road paving and construction of bridges, buildings and complex Civil Engineering projects, water and sewage plants, telecommunication, hydraulic and thermal power stations.

SBI International Holdings AG headquarters are located in Switzerland. The company's main operations are located in West Africa (Nigeria, Ivory Coast, Ghana and Benin Republic); East Africa (Uganda, Kenya and Tanzania); America (USA, Colombia and Guatemala); Central Europe (Romania); and Asia (Azerbaijan).

Shikun & Binui – SBI Infrastructure is organized as a flexible, financially solid holdings group, which enables it to execute joint ventures and partake in leading projects worldwide. The essential part of the company's activities focuses on turnkey projects, in which the company is in charge of all aspects of the projects at every stage, from feasibility studies through preliminary and detailed design, and optimization integrating advanced engineering and construction technologies, while combining earthworks, drainage, construction and paving, procurement, installation of equipment, unto completing the project and delivering it to the customer.

Shikun & Binui – SBI Infrastructure Ltd. and its largest subsidiary, SBI International Holdings AG – Switzerland specialize in the following fields:
• Public work, roads, highways and bridges
• Power stations
• Water and sewage plants
• Infrastructure and telecommunications

Here are several examples of some of S.B.I.'s projects according to fields of activity:
Public work, roads, highways and bridges
• Construction of Oju/Loko-Oweto Bridge over River Benue Along Traffic Route F238, NIGERIA
 The project includes a 24 soan bridge, 1970m long in Nigeria. The contract value is ~ 297 million US $. The project is ongoing at an advance stage.
• Construction of Dual. Of East West Road from
 Sec. 3: (Port Harcourt Eleme Junction-Eket) in Rivers State, Nigeria. This is a completed project that included 100 km of dual carriage highway, and a 1035m m long bridge. The contract value is 443 milllion US $.

Power stations

Palo Viejo power station in Guatemala. The power station provides 86MW collected from four rivers in the area. The project included building a 300,000 cubic meters' reservoir, 500 meters of tunnels, 19 kilometers of water channels, 1.5 kilometers of pressure release pipes, 5 bridges and other infrastructure work. The project's cost was $194 million and it was delivered on time despite harsh challenging conditions.

El Canada hydraulic power station in Guatemala. The power station supplies 46MW pow-ered by two hydraulic turbines. The company completed all construction works in a record time of two years. The company was the EPC contractor for the project with General Electric and ABB as subcontractors for the electromechanical systems.

Water and Sewage Plants

SBI offers engineering services, procurement, construction and management of complex projects in all ventures related to water and wastewater. These include: developing water sources, dam construction, tunnels, water reservoirs, boreholes and wells, conduit systems including pipes and pumping stations. The company has major experience in wastewater systems including planning, construction and operation of water and sewage treatment plants and facilities.

Telecommunication Infrastructure

Most of the company's activity in establishing innovative telecommunication infrastructure is located in developing countries.
Quarries and Material Processing to Create Asphalt


In order to ensure adequate timely supply of high quality materials  the company operates in fields that interface with the infrastructures sector: quarries, crushing plants, aggregates production, and advance laboratories and quality control facilities for asphalt and concrete manufacturing.

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Shikun & Binui Concessions Division

Line of Business
Initiation, development, financing, and implementation of Public Private Partnership (PPP) projects in Israel and abroad in transportation, water, energy, and social infrastructures.

Established in 1933

The Concessions Division combines the Group's financial, construction and operating capabilities of large-scale infrastructure projects with the extensive financial knowledge and aptitude, as well as a deep understanding of the public sector's perspective. This unique combination renders Shikun & Binui a leading entity pertaining to PPP projects. The division is involved in most projects of this kind in Israel, as well as in a variety of mega projects worldwide. A large investment scale is required for constructing a long-term project, usually for a 25-year franchise period.

The Concessions Division closely guides projects it is involved in, as of the publication of the tender's first stage through financing ((financial close), along the years of construction and operation through to the realization.
All of the Concessions Division's projects are designed, constructed, and operated according to the Group's vision. The Concessions Division also has offices in Texas, USA, and in Bogota, Colombia.
Selected projects currently under construction:
The East Perimeter Road in Cundinamarca, Colombia. In 2014 Shikun & Binui won a tender to construct a toll road, located in the Bogota region. The estimated project construction cost is approximately $550 million.

Toll lanes on State Highway 288 in Texas, USA. Shikun & Binui won, and is implementing, (with partners) a PPP project including design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of managed (tolled) lanes and associated facilities. The estimated construction cost is approximately $815 million.

Pumped Storage, Mount Gilboa, Israel. A PPP project for financing, designing, constructing and operating a 300 MW power station, the first of its kind in Israel, allowing energy storage and release, using water reservoirs at different elevations. Estimated cost is NIS 2.2 billion.

Generi 2 Office Building in Jerusalem. A PPP project that includes designing, financing, construction, operation, maintenance and delivery of three 9- story buildings, for 6 government ministries.
Select completed projects:
Israel Police Academy, Beit Shemesh. A BOT project including designing, financing, constructing, operating, maintenance and instruction services for Israel Police for 25 years, construction cost is NIS 600 million. The construction emphasized sustainability aspects.

The New Tel Aviv Courthouse. A modern Law Courts tower building was inaugurated in 2014. The building contains 52 courtrooms, 78 judges' chambers, and a detention room. The building was designed as a “green” building, highlighting energy and water efficiency savings.
The Carmel Tunnels Project in Haifa. The first of its kind toll tunnels road in Israel. Constructed at a NIS1.25 billion investment, in a BOT method, for a period of 35 years. The project includes 4 tunnels at an overall length of 10 km, with the largest interchange in Israel, containing 7 bridges and ramps, as well as advanced technological systems which enable command and control. Environmental matters were stressed, including noise and air quality monitoring.

Highway 6 (Cross Israel Highway). This project is the first of its kind for several reasons: the BOT project of its kind in Israel, the first toll road in Israel, and the longest highway nationwide. The highway is currently 138 km long, with 12 interchanges, two tunnels and 100 bridges. During the next several years it is expected to reach 247 kilometers. Its construction required professional expertise, including  detailed design, paving, constructing, maintenance, financing and operating a smart electronic toll-collection system (of the most advanced worldwide), and management of a variety of environmental issues. In 2013 Shikun & Binui sold its shares in the concessionaire of Highway 6. Shikun & Binui continues holding approximately 35% of the shares of the company operating the highway.

Road rehabilitation, upgrade and maintenance (Northern Lanes). The PFI project (Private Finance Initiative) for the rehabilitation, operation, maintenance and financing the road network in the north of Israel in an overall length of 270 km. for a concession period of 20 years.

The Hadera Desalination Plant. This plant supplies one sixth of the household consumption of potable water in Israel. Until recently, it was the largest plant worldwide using reverse osmosis. Located near Orot Rabin Power Station in Hadera. The project was constructed with a NIS 1.5 billion investment, as a BOT project for supplying 127 million cu.m. annually. The group designed, financed, constructed and currently operates the plant, and sells the water to the government of Israel at a pre-defined price. This arrangement will last 25 years (including construction), at the end of which (in 2032) the plant will be delivered to the Israeli government. The unique finance transaction, with European Investment Bank EIB and other European banks, won Finance Deal of the Year for 2007 from the exclusive financial magazine "Euromoney's Project".

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Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructures Ltd.

Line of Business
Construction, roads and infrastructure, bridges, tunneling, airport take-off and landing runway, ports and chimneys. In addition, Solel Boneh maintains cement and asphalt plants and a thermal plant.

Established in 1924

Solel Boneh Infrastructures is the Israeli execution arm of Shikun Binui Group, both in Israel and worldwide. It is the leading most professional infrastructure company in Israel. Solel Boneh is a certified contractor with all the maximum classifications in all its fields of activity.

Solel Boneh operates via four execution divisions:
• The construction division
• The roads and infrastructure division
• The EPC division (Engineering Procurement Construction (. Executing mega-projects for the construction of process facilities in the fields of water and energy.
• A company for basing and ground works – "Cementcal"

In addition, Solel Boneh Infrastructures holds cement and asphalt plants and a thermal plant, a logistics center covering 12.5 acres located in Palmahim, including advanced building equipment maintained at the highest standards. The logistics operations supply all the needs for the company's building sites, including heavy equipment, crane services, building and construction equipment.
Solel Boneh Infrastructure's main customers include municipalities and major public Israeli institutes, as well as private developers, government offices and subsidiaries, local authorities and municipal associations, as well as leading Israeli development companies.

Selected recent projects, executed by the company alone or with its partners, include:
• The red line of Tel Aviv light rail. Shikun & Binui Solel Boneh Infrastructure Ltd., alongside Chinese CRTG, are executing together the construction of the red line between Tel Aviv and Ramat Gan, including digging two 5 km. long underground tunnels, and 6 underground stations.
• Railway project in the north of Israel. The company, alongside German Bahnbau DB and Israeli Lesico, are constructing three new railway sections upon 120 km. 5 stations will be constructed along the rails.
• Bohoo and Shikma Bridges. Two railway bridges – 450 and 260 m. long, on the Ashkelon-Be'er-Sheva railway. The project won first prize in the 'Israel Builders Association 2014 Building and Infrastructures Excellence Competition' in the 'Infrastructure Systems Engineering' category.
• Pumped Storage, Mount Gilboa. A BOT project for financing, planning, constructing and operating a 300MW power station, the first of its kind in Israel, allowing energy storage and release, using water reservoirs at different elevations.
• Thermo-solar power plant, Ashalim. A BOT project for financing, planning, constructing and operating a thermos-solar power station which will generate 120 MW green solar based electricity, intended for sale to the IEC, in a 25-year concession.
• Israel Police Academy, Beit Shemesh. A BOT project to construct a 57.5-acre state-of-the-art academy with 38 units and 62,000 sq.m. of buildings.
• IKEA (Kiryat Ata junction). Shopping and commercial center, of 25,000 sq.m. IKEA store – 24,000 sq.m., mall, and 5,000 sq.m. "Shufersal Deal" supermarket.
• Sarah Wetsman Davidson Hospital Tower, Hadassah Ein Kerem, Jerusalem. The project won first prize in the 2011 'Safety and Hygiene Institute', 'Construction and Building Engineering' category.
• Hadera power plant's fourth chimney. Civil engineering work to build a 250 m. fourth chimney, including a factory and facilities to minimize dangerous emissions.
• "Broshim" dormitories, Tel Aviv University. A BOT project to finance, plan, construct and operate a dormitory according to LEED Gold standard including 1,300 units for over 1,600 students.
• Government offices building – Generi 2, National Campus, Jerusalem. A BOT project to finance, construct and operate 60,000 sq.m. government offices according to 'green' building standards.
• State Comptroller and Public Complaints Commissioner building, Jerusalem. A BOT project to plan, construct and maintain the offices including a 13 floor building, underground service floors and a parking lot, according to the green building standard.
• Highway 65-85, Kadarim Interchange. Upgrading highways 65 and 85 into a divided highway, constructing an interchange and mini-interchange at Kahal. The plan includes landscape rehabilitation and works for nearby hiking.
• Highway 6 Extension – Ben Shemen – Nahshonim. Adding a fourth lane in each direction. The project includes earthwork, digging and filling, electricity, gardening and asphalt, among others.
• Anaerobic digesters 'Shafdan', Rishon Lezion. The project greatly contributes to the solution of wastewater flowing to the sea and treating sludge based on anaerobic stabilization.
• Midtown Tel Aviv and Tayelet David Towers. Building slurry, ground anchors, foundations, groundwater degradation, digging and concrete works, through the subsidiary Cementcal.

The company has been successfully executing national-public tasks and projects, building and developing Israel, for over nearly one hundred years. Select work includes the Knesset, Israel museum, Haifa Oil Refineries, Jerusalem, Tel Aviv, Haifa and Be'er Sheva University campuses, the National Water Carrier of Israel, Negev Nucleur Research Center, Kiryat Hamemshala in Jerusalem, International Convention Center, Yad Va Shem, Soroka, Hadasa, Tel HaShomer, Rabin and Rambam hospitals, Rutenberg power station in Naharaim, Reading Power Station in Tel Aviv, Orot Rabin in Hadera, Culture Palace in Tel Aviv, Cameri Theater, Shalom Tower, Tel Aviv and Haifa courthouses and Haifa and Ashdod ports, among others.

The company is currently active in approximately 20 countries worldwide, in the fields of infrastructure, real estate development and franchising, through subsidiaries, Shikun & Binui S.B.I. Ltd., Shikun & Binui International Real Estate Development and Shikun & Binui Franchising.

Solel Boneh Infrastructures adopted the Group's sustainability vision and was a pioneer in implementing unique internal standards for "sustainable management of construction sites." Solel Boneh Infrastructures complies with EHS requirements Israeli ISO 9001:2008; OHSAS 18001 Safety Standards and ISO 14001 – environment management.

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Shikun & Binui Real Estate Ltd.

Line of Business
Development, design, construction, operation and maintenance of groundwater and wastewater treatment plants.

Established in 1994

Shikun & Binui Real Estate is the leading real estate company in Israel. It is the development arm of Shikun & Binui Group in Israel. The company has been operating for over 80 years, during which it has built over 200,000 residential units for over a million Israelis. Currently 2,400 residential units are being constructed in 22 projects nationwide, as well as over 100,000 square meters of commercial space and student dormitories.

Shikun & Binui Real Estate is active in Israel and includes mainly development of residential construction intended for sale, acquisition, planning, improving, developing and land sale, owned by the group. The company also develops construction of office buildings and commercial and industrial buildings, designated for rent and improving revenue production until their sale date. Shikun & Binui Real Estate holds substantial land reserves, upon which thousands of residential units can be constructed. These reserves comprise of “longstanding” land, the rights for which were bought or leased in the 1950's.
Shikun & Binui Real Estate operated vis-?-vis the relevant planning entities regarding real estate designation change or change of urban building scheme and land improvement. It does so by increasing construction rights, change of allowed uses and change of construction required by the urban building scheme, among others.
Shikun & Binui Real Estate also develops and markets land intended for offices, commerce – malls, leisure, industry, storage, student dormitories, parking lots and gas stations. The company is extensively experienced in the construction and management of yielding assets such as “Ir Yamim” mall in Netanya, Seventh Avenue mall in Be'er Sheva, IKEA North, Kiryat Ata, Givatayim mall and the BOT project of Tel Aviv University Dormitories (Einstein and Broshim complexes).
Shikun & Binui Real Estate projects are planned and constructed according to green sustainable standards, which Shikun & Binui Group adopted as its vision. Its buildings are approved by the Israeli standard, as well as by the strict international LEEDS standard.
In 2015, the company's had a record rate of sales, with 912 residential units sold for NIS 1.296 billion. Shikun & Binui Real Estate's net profit was NIS 202 million, compared to NIS 187 million in 2014 – an 8% increase.
Shikun & Binui Real Estate was chosen as a superbrand by Superbrands 2015 ranking, received a platinum plus ranking in 2016 and was chosen as the leading residential real estate company in Israel by Globes 2016 survey.
Selected Shikun & Binui Real Estate's residential projects
Pardes Hana Carcur Dreams – an 8 building project offering a unique residential experience. In 2013 the company began construction of another neighborhood, “Pardes Hana Dreams”, which includes 500 residential units. Located near route 6.
New Rosh HaAyin Dreams – A “green” project in the Psagot Afek neighborhood. The first stage, which included two 23 story buildings, was launched in July 2013. Marketing and construction of the second stage of 286-units began at the end of 2013.
Tzukei HaShmura Dreams – A luxury complex planned in perfect harmony with nature, on the seafront facing Netanya's Iris Nature Reserve. The project's 3 towers face the sea and the reserve, and are connected to each other.
Time Tower – An elegant, prestigious 38-floors building using “green” design, in Ramat Gan's City complex. 194 units with a view and a wide terrace.
Hadera Park Dreams – 1,200 residential units in a variety of sizes built around a 22.5-acre park in Hadera.
Pure HaSharon Dreams – The first project in Israel to be awarded the ‘Excellence in Green Construction' certification, comprises of three 20-floors residential towers and two small buildings. Interiors and exteriors were planned and built to the “green” standard.
Green Barnea Dreams in Ashkelon – The first project in Israel built to the “green” standard. 900 residential units in a variety of sizes.
Kiryat Ono Dreams – At the center of this project, a huge 10-acre park is built, including paths, squares, playgrounds and green areas. The neighborhood is close to major highways.
Offices and Commercial Centers
In addition to residential construction, Shikun & Binui Real Estate develops and markets office and commercial space such as malls, recreational centers, industrial and storage facilities, student accommodation, parking lots and gas stations. The company has extensive experience in developing and managing income-producing assets, planned and built according to principles of sustainability.

Selected projects:
North Gate – in 2014 North Gate in Kiryat Ata was inaugurated. It is the first green mall in Israel built according to American LEED standard. The project includes a huge ‘IKEA' store on a 25,000 sqm. lot, and ‘Shufersal Deal' on 5,000 sqm. It was built by Solel Boneh, a Shikun & Binui Group subsidiary.
Design Plus – An open green shopping center in Be'er Sheva, on 17,000 sqm. It is an open shopping boulevard for home design, with local flora and optimal use of natural lighting and ventilation.
Tel Aviv University Dormitories – In 2008 Tel Aviv University and Shikun & Binui Real Estate signed a contract according to which the company will renovate and upgrade the 1,000 beds of Einstein student dormitories at Tel Aviv University and build the new 1,600 bed Broshim dormitory complex. Tel Aviv University dormitories are the first “green” campus in Israel and received the LEED US Gold standard for “green building”.
Ir Yamim Mall – In March 2012, the Ir Yamim Mall opened to public in the exclusive Ir Yamim neighborhood in Netanya. Built by Shikun & Binui Real Estate with Azorim, the mall covers 70,000 sqm. of land and includes 23,000 sqm. of fashion and leisure stores on two main commercial floors, a lower commercial floor, and 2,000 parking spaces.

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Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy Ltd.

Line of Business
Development, design, construction and operation of electricity generation facilities in Israel and abroad on the basis of natural gas and renewable resources, including solar thermal energy and photovoltaic solar energy.

Established in 1995

Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy is the energy arm of Shikun & Binui Group. Since its inception, the company has been developing, planning, constructing and operating electricity producing facilities, in Israel and abroad, renewable energy and natural gas based facilities, including thermal solar energy and photo-voltaic (PV) solar energy. Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy specializes both in private development as well as and in cooperation with the public sector (PPP) projects. Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy develops projects of technological capabilities and integration and operation capabilities pertaining to solar energy, intended to serve both the company's projects, as well as third party projects. The company focuses on large scale long-term renewable projects' development. All of Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy's projects are planned, built and managed according to the group's sustainability vision.

Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy invests in its projects significant equity and plays a major role in the construction and long term operation of its projects. Among the company's select projects, especially solar energy projects, are:

• The Ashalim Thermal Solar Power Plant – Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy's current flag project. The first thermal solar based power facility in Israel, using the parabolic trough collectors method, which the company finances, constructs and operates, in BOT method. The facility will have a capacity to generate 110MW (one of the largest of its type worldwide).The generated electricity will be sold to the Israel Electric Corp. according to a 25-year agreement, starting from the date of operation. The facility will be constructed at cost of USD1 billion and is expected to be completed by 2018. The project is expected to contribute significantly to economic and employment growth in the Negev.

• The Shneur Negev Thermo-Solar Power Plant – Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, in partnership with Kibbutz Tze'elim in the Negev, promotes a project for planning, financing, constructing and operating a solar power station for a 120 MW scale on kibbutz land, covering approx. 350 acres. The project has been declared as a National Infrastructure Project, and received a provisional license to produce electricity under the Feed in Tariff scheme. The project is expected to begin construction during the last quarter of 2016.

• Photo-Voltaic (PV) Solar Facilities Development in Israel – For several years, the company has been working on the development of large and medium-sized solar PV projects in Israel, both ground mounted and on rooftops, based on the regulations and tariffs set by the government, through purchasing land rights and developing the projects independently and through purchasing projects from other developers.

• Expanding the Etgal Ashdod Power Plant – Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, through its subsidiary, Etgal Energy, is Israel's first private electricity producer, and owns an electricity production power plant. The Ashdod power plant expansion project will include the construction of a natural gas based 200 MW station, utilizing existing infrastructure.

Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy provides comprehensive solutions, beginning with the development stage, through project construction unto operation. The company specializes in government liaisons, financing, engineering/design, construction and management of partner consortium, regular activity and maintenance, among others. These are select company activities in first stages:
Planning and Construction
In the Thermo-Solar Sector – The Company maintains in house development, engineering and operation capabilities. In addition, the company is also working on developing a new configuration for hybrid (with natural gas) plants, in order to significantly lower solar electricity production costs.

In the Photo-Voltaic Sector – The Company provides itself (in projects which it develops) and its customers with a range of solutions to produce electricity through solar energy, in industrial buildings, public institutions and designated installations (parks), all based on leading technologies and careful selection of components that adhere to the strictest of standards. The company has completed the construction of over 36MW of small and medium PV installations in locations such as Hatzerim, Timna and Sde Boker, and has recently completed construction of an 18MW project near Nevatim.
Power Plants' Operation
Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy operates the power plants that it owns (PV solar technology and conventional technology), and offers customers solar power plant operating services.

PV Projects in Spain – Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, through its subsidiary in Spain, “Gilatz Spain”, holds three PV solar parks in Spain, with 15 MW output, built with an investment of 100 million Euros. The parks produce clean electricity supplied to the Spanish electricity grid throughout the facilities' lifespan.

Shikun & Binui Renewable Energy, through its subsidiary, “Etgal Energy”, operates the Etgal power station in Ashdod, which has a 26MW generation capacity, which serves as a Peaker. The station's electricity is sold exclusively to the IEC.

ADDRESS 1 A Ha'Yarden, P.O.B. 1133, Airport City 7010000    TEL 972-3-6300000    FAX 972-3-6301595    E-MAIL

Shikun & Binui Environment

Line of Business
Development, construction, operation and maintenance of plants for treating polluted water, water desalination, removing nitrates and volatile organic compounds from drinking water, treating industrial wastewater and sludge and treating contaminated land soil.

Established in 1994

Shikun & Binui Environment, a subsidiary of the the Shikun & Binui Group, is the leading Israeli company in its field. The company specializes in treating pollutants present in the air, water and soil. The company develops and implements advanced innovative technologies for water and sewage treatment solutions for the municipal and industrial sector, and treats contaminated soil in Israel and worldwide. The company also develops, advises, plans, constructs, operates and maintains (BOT projects) plants for treating polluted water and complex industrial sewage and sludge. Shikun & Binui Environment holds Elcon Recycling Ltd., which treats complex industrial sewage and sludge.

Shikun & Binui Environment operates in several key fields
The municipal sector – the company plans, constructs and operates groundwater purification devices using various nitrate, volatile organic compound and salt removal technologies.

The industrial sector – the company implements water treatment, industrial sewage and sludge technologies.

Air treatment – the company implements biologic solutions to remove sulfides, SRC (Sulfuric Reduced Compounds), ammonia and volatile organic compounds from municipal and industrial wastewater.

Contaminated soil – the company participates in the contaminated soil treatment sector in Israel and worldwide, while cooperating with various companies.

Among Shikun & Binui Environment's clients: local authorities (Hadera, Nes Tziona, Rehovot, Tel-Tzur, Kiryat Gat and others), companies (Carlsberg, Elco-Electra, Electra-Ortam, Mekorot, Danona Israel, Nestle Israel and others) and institutes such as the Weizmann Institute of Science and Bar-Ilan University. The company has established dozens of facilities, among which are drinking water purification facilities, which it maintains and operates for water corporations. The company's activities in the municipal sector include BOT projects, pumping groundwater, purifying its pollutants using smart technologies and supplying it back to the water corporations as purified water, in accord with the strictest Health Ministry standards.

Shikun & Binui Environment utilizes a number of leading technologies
• The company is the sole supplier of a Selective Electro Dialysis (SED) technology, the ultimate solution for water corporations seeking to purify water high in nitrate and render it drinkable.
• Reverse Osmosis (RO)
• Ultra Filtration Units (UF)
• Treating Organic Pollutants (GAC)
• Biological solutions – Treatment of organic pollutants in drinking water and in wastewater
• PELLET softening technologies
• Biologic smell treatment
• Thermal oxidation

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Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development (RED)

Line of Business
Entrepreneurship, planning, development and marketing of residential projects, offices, commerce and land in Europe

Established in 2001

Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development (RED) is the international real estate development arm of Shikun & Binui Group Ltd. The company operates in Central and Eastern Europe, mainly in the capital cities of Poland, the Czech Republic, Serbia, Romania and Hungary. RED operates through local subsidiaries comprising of highly skilled local teams, experienced in all fields of real estate development (engineering, marketing, finance etc.) and well acquainted with the local markets.

The company specializes in the development of residential and non-residential projects, intended for sale and/or lease, as well as operating yielding assets.

Since its foundation, Shikun & Binui Real Estate Development has completed the construction of more than 2,800 residential units. The company is currently constructing approximately 800 additional residential units in five projects. RED employs approximately 70 employees. The company's headquarters are situated in Prague, the Czech-Republic.

Selected RED residential projects
• Modr?anka Rezidence. Prague, the Czech-Republic. A high standard residential neighborhood overlooking the Vltava river is currently being constructed in the developing Mod?any quarter. The project includes 292 residential units, a 3,000 sqm commercial/office building and a large park with a playground at the center.

• M?ody Z?oliborz. Warsaw, Poland. A high quality project is currently being constructed in the fast growing Zoliborz quarter. The project includes 383 apartments and it is located in proximity to many community services such as kindergartens, schools and hospitals. The project includes a big variety of apartments for all sectors in the population.

• Central Garden. Belgrade, Serbia. A large-scale, unique project located in Belgrade's city center. The project includes approximately 400 apartments, a 16,000 sqm office building, ground level commercial spaces, and a large park at the center of the project. The project is located next to several big parks and community services such as kindergartens, schools and hospitals.

• City-Point. Bucharest, Romania. A residential neighborhood that includes over 2,000 residential units. The first phase of the project which includes more than 200 residential units is currently being completed. The project is located in sector 1, in an area which is undergoing a substantial development momentum: office buildings, a shopping-mall, a metro station and developed highway infrastructure, a short ride from city center and the airport.

ADDRESS 1 A Ha'Yarden, P.O.B. 1133, Airport City 7010000    TEL 972-3-6300000    FAX 972-3-6301595    E-MAIL